ELETAEN: Offshore wind farms are a great opportunity for Greece

ELETAEN: Offshore wind farms are a great opportunity for Greece
ELETAEN: Offshore wind farms are a great opportunity for Greece

The Hellenic Wind Energy Scientific Association ELETAEN welcomes the announcement of the National Program for Offshore Wind Parks (NAP)[1] by the Ministry of Environment & Energy and EDEFEP[2]. The National Program includes the areas of the Greek seas that seem suitable to receive YAP. After its public announcement, the Program will be subject to a strategic environmental impact assessment and will be approved by an EIA.

According to the country’s preliminary energy planning, the target for Offshore Wind Farms (OHF) is 1,900 MW in 2030 and 6,200 MW in 2035. The target for 2050 is 17,300 MW. Achieving these goals requires significant investment: over €6 billion by 2030 and over €28 billion by 2050. These investments can and are expected to have a high Greek added value (almost 67%).

The effective implementation in practice of the announced National Program for PPE is an opportunity for the state and society. Greece must take advantage of the experience of the development of onshore wind farms in the last 30 years and learn from the mistakes and the right ones that have been made.

Actions are required in 6 axes:

  1. The configuration of one flexible licensing systembased on the provisions of the European legislation of the REPowerEU project, which will ensure that interested investors and their projects, when selected, will not face a typhoon of red tape and delays.
  2. THE rapid promotion of the country’s international connections, in order for the rich wind potential of the Aegean to be a necessary pillar for Europe’s energy independence. Initiatives such as the Green Aegean Interconnector[3]must be strengthened at the highest level.
  3. The training of a specialist and targeted program investment support throughout the supply chain. Thus the country can aim to serve not only its own NAPs but also the NAPs of the Eastern Mediterranean region.
  4. Exhausting and continuous dialogue with society, local governments and professional associations involved with the maritime space, in order to explain the benefits and address concerns and questions that always arise in a timely and valid manner.
  5. The training at a high level, and the implementation of a road map for the exploitation of the rich wind potential throughout the Aegean Seabased on international law.
  6. THE aid from the State of EDEFEP with more financial and human resources in order to move even faster towards the goal.

In particular, it is emphasized that in order to maximize the development benefits for Greece, the development of YAP must be accompanied by the development of a domestic supply chain which will involve traditional and new sectors of our economy, such as shipyards, ports, cable, cement and electrical equipment industries, metal and metal construction industries, transport, shipping, services, etc.

For this, ELETAEN, in collaboration with the Norwegian Offshore Wind Energy Association, is organizing a two-day event[4]. Specifically, the morning of Thursday the 23rdher November 2023, organized at the premises of the OTE Academy in Maroussi congress – with free entry for the public – for the supply chain of the YAP. In the afternoon of the same day and the following day, there will be a joint working meeting and private meetings of Greek and Norwegian companies with the aim of transferring know-how and seeking synergies.

On the occasion of the announcement of the National Program for PPE, the President of ELETAEN, Mr. Panagiotis Ladakakos stated:

“The announcement of the National Program for PPE is an important step for the implementation of the law passed last summer by the Greek Parliament. The Greek and the international investment community look to our country and expect its rapid implementation.

Offshore wind farms, along with onshore wind farms and other renewables, can make Greece a clean energy exporter. This will provide significant economic and development benefits and strengthen our energy independence and the geostrategic role of our homeland for the benefit of peace and security in the region.

Above all, Offshore Wind Farms can provide large amounts of clean energy that is essential for climate neutrality and addressing the climate crisis.”

Notes for editors

[1] Offshore Wind Farms (OWF) are the wind farms that are installed in the sea, i.e. beyond the coast (offshore). YAPs can be founded on the seabed if the sea depth is relatively shallow (up to about 50 meters), or consist of floating wind turbines if the depths are greater.

[2] EDEYEP, the Hellenic Hydrocarbons and Energy Resources Management Company, is the public body that has, by legislation, undertaken to pre-select and develop to a certain extent the wider areas of the Greek seas where it is possible to install offshore wind farms (OWF).

[3] The Green Aegean Interconnector (GAI) is the electrical “boulevard” project from Greece to central and northern Europe promoted by ADMIE.

[4] Details of the conference and the two-day business activities for the supply chain for the PES can be found on the ELETAEN website https://eletaen.gr/workshop-offshore-wind-in-greece-prospects-challenges-for-the -supply-chain-a-sustainable-growth/

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