Kasselakian delusion of leftist populism Liberal.gr

Kasselakian delusion of leftist populism Liberal.gr
Kasselakian delusion of leftist populism Liberal.gr

Upon his return from the USA, Stefanos Kasselakis gave the impression that he came determined to “get serious”. That he left behind the unnecessary spontaneity and frivolities to concentrate, it is supposed, more intently on his political action. At least that’s what his close associates imagined, who were relatively encouraged.

The fresh President returned with the will to become institutional. He looked for a branch to keep out of the intra-party maelstrom. He took the initiative and addressed the Prime Minister, who threw him a rope. He agreed to meet today. A positive development in any case. If anything can spoil the soup, it is his harsh and rather delusional speech yesterday in K.O. of SYRIZA.

It is possible that Kasselakis is pretending. To pretend that it is not until the final clearing in the Central Committee where it either wins or loses the game. The scene never ceases to bring out despair because in the meantime things do not have a favorable development for him.

The October polls fell like tiles. The negative performance of President SYRIZA brought unrest, perhaps even panic. Kasselakis, foreseeing an existential danger for himself in the party and under the pressure of the constant internal mutiny of the “pure” leftists, gave up seriousness before it caught on and resorted to the safe for his audience: Populism…

He christened his speech to the SYRIZA MPs an invitation to unity. He returned in fear to the party “source” to be…ideologically rebaptized! Without making any special effort, Kasselakis “tamed” Tsipras, he became a “Tsipras” by simple copying!
Kasselakis’ copywriter didn’t have to work hard either. He “copy-pasted” a speech by Alexis and served it to Stefanes to deliver…

The ideological “storm” in Kasselakis is evident, as has been pointed out recently. It doesn’t fix, it spreads. As long as the party clientele appears dissatisfied with his ideological references and political choices, he himself wanders. The errors in succession.

He wants, let’s assume, to create the image of the new Left that supposedly does not carry the anchors of the past, but this is fictitious. He remains chained to the ideological shackles defined by the party he was called to preside over. And if he really has other ideas, he hides them and pretends to be someone else. It comes in absolute contradiction with the attitude he took in his personal matters, which he defends publicly with great courage and boldness.

The speech of Kasselakis was one of the very ones of the SYRIZA past. Stumped in the left fort he read a delusional text against the Prime Minister and government policy. The vehemence of the airless arguments on the same trivial issues that have been decided in three consecutive electoral contests (parliamentary and regional elections) show the
deficiency of ax. Opposition to produce primary policy.

Stefanos Kasselakis’ SYRIZA is unable to define a political agenda. With “minds” in K.O. the President turns into a tail who is forced to discipline and follow in order to survive politically.

He delivered a speech capable of appeasing the populist left audience. Who promises no taxes but at the same time blames the government for low benefits! Which in Israel’s war is placed with the… Man, but he also denounces the terrorism of Hamas, who accuses Kerameos’ attempt to recruit with objective criteria in the Public Organizations as hiding partisanship and in general a leveling concept that is most familiar and dear to SYRIZA.

Kasselakis steps on two boats and tries to balance in a rough sea. If he doesn’t choose a single boat he is sure to get wet.
It would be unfair, perhaps, for him to drown politically…

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