Patras: Introduction to the Safeamea platform

Patras: Introduction to the Safeamea platform
Patras: Introduction to the Safeamea platform

The Social Organization of the Municipality of Patreon (KODIP) and the
Disabled Persons Office of the Municipality, organized on Monday afternoon
event for the innovative and up-to-date online
Safe Amea platform ( which concerns people with
disability, in Agora Argyri.

At the meeting – information for citizens, associations and organizations with disabilities
the SafeAmea platform was presented, which makes it possible to
map the people with disabilities of any form who
they need special management in case of crisis for safety
removing them from their residence.

In the event of an incident in the area, the Civil Protection of
Municipality, after registering on the platform, will be able to know it
existence of a person who needs special assistance in order to inform
the immediate intervention services (Fire, Police, Emergency Services
etc.) to transport the person safely.
The President of KODIP addressed the event,
Theodoros Toulgaridis and Deputy Mayor of Civil Protection,
Michalis Anastasiou.

The platform was presented by Professor Spyridon Denazis, from
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Technology
University of Patean, giving all the necessary guidance for

the registration process of each disabled citizen as well as
clubs and bodies that want to register their members.

Next, Iulia Syrokosta. municipal councilor and
Head of the Office for Disabled Persons of the Municipality of Patreon, presented him
way the platform is supported by the Office of the Disabled
KODIP and all the actions that have been taken to date for it
operation, support and development of the platform.

The discussion was moderated by the Head of the KDAP Department,
KDAPAmeA, SUMMER KDAP Katerina Nikolakopoulou.
This informative event was attended by, among others,
representatives of Agencies and Associations such as PASPA Achaia, the Association
Rheumatoid Patras, the Hellenic Association of Sclerosis Patients v
Plakas, Merimna, POMAmeA, the Association of Parents & Guardians
Volunteer Group SYNTHROPI, the Association of People with Psychics
Anapiria STHENOS, the Regional Association of the Blind of Western Greece
and the Sports Association of the Deaf Patras 82, as well as ordinary citizens
who wanted to be informed about this particular platform.

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