Breastfeeding event in Mytilini

Breastfeeding event in Mytilini
Breastfeeding event in Mytilini

As part of the celebration of World Breastfeeding Week*, the Panhellenic Network of Volunteer Groups for Breastfeeding and Motherhood, with the support of IBFAN Greece, is organizing the 14the Pan-Hellenic Breastfeeding & Motherhood Celebration Event, holding events and meetings from end to end in Greece from November 1st to 7th, thus giving the present this year as well. In Lesbos, the event will take place on Sunday, November 5, 2023 at 11:00 am. in Mytilene Marina.

The press release notes, among other things:

“In 2010, for the first time, the initiative of a few mothers who had the ultimate goal of volunteering to help other mothers to learn the art of breastfeeding, became the reason for holding an event-celebration for Breastfeeding, which now constitutes, for our country, a symbol of Breastfeeding Week. Every year for 14 years nursing mothers, former nursing mothers, pregnant women and supporters of breastfeeding, we meet and “celebrate” breastfeeding together with the aim of Supporting-Informing-Encouraging the breastfeeding woman.

Our events and actions may now count for 14 years of presence, but the need for awareness, awakening and support of new mothers for breastfeeding, not only as words in a brochure or in a speech, but in practice, as an image and presence , “from mother to mother,” apparently has not been eradicated. Everyday through our interaction with other mothers, it is realized that the breastfeeding woman needs support, information and encouragement in the unique journey of motherhood.

After all, this is also the reason why the Panhellenic Network of Volunteer Breastfeeding & Motherhood Support Groups continues to offer voluntary and selfless help, information, information and knowledge for so many years, so that every breastfeeding woman from every corner of Greece can find what she needs and everything she needs to be able to start the breastfeeding journey, to continue it as long as she and her child wish, but above all to be able to enjoy its naturalness and magnificence.

Our celebration, every year in a magical way manages to unite and connect all breastfeeding women in Greece, all those who breastfed, are breastfeeding and will breastfeed, as well as all those who try in any way they can to spread the naturalness and importance of breastfeeding”.

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