The new highway that will bring Greece closer to Romania – When will it be ready?

The new highway that will bring Greece closer to Romania – When will it be ready?
The new highway that will bring Greece closer to Romania – When will it be ready?

The Bulgarian Minister of Finance expressed his optimism that the construction of the new highway will proceed rapidly.

Faster will become the movements from Hellas at Romania once a new highway is in place that will also greatly boost trade.

It is a road axis that will connect the Ormenio of Evros and Alexandroupoli with the Constanta, Romania, through Bulgaria.

The Minister of Finance of Bulgaria mentioned the highway, Assen Vassilev, at the Southeast Europe Connectivity Forum (SECF), which takes place October 31 – November 1 at Thessalonikipointing out that a significant effort will be made to complete the project within 5 years.


The Minister of Finance of Bulgaria, Assen Vassilev

“We hope that the procedures will be completed as soon as possible and in any case yes the project is completed within 5 years“, he emphasized, noting that with this highway the connectivity map is completed, providing a way out of the country’s ports to the Mediterranean and providing a direct connection to the northern Balkan countries as far as Vienna.

Regarding the financing of the highway, Assen Vassilev said that the money is already availablebut the country will request money from the EU to offset the costs.

As he mentioned, the goal is to complete the road axis as quickly as possible since it is important for trade between countries especially after the war in Ukraine and now in Gaza.

In fact, in order to emphasize the need to create the highway, he stated that it exists doubling of traffic at the border between Bulgaria and Turkey. “We have 4,000 trucks on a daily basis and we think it will double in the next few years,” he said, and he estimated that as long as the Russia-Ukraine war rages, all this traffic will come to the south.


It is noted that an agreement was signed for the construction of the highway between Greece-Bulgaria-Romania joint statement during the meeting of the prime ministers in Varna, within the tripartite framework Summit of Greece – Bulgaria – Romania.

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