Bayo Delusion Prosecutor Against Journalists?

Bayo Delusion Prosecutor Against Journalists?
Bayo Delusion Prosecutor Against Journalists?

JUSTICE 01.11.23 08:38

Local media in Volos are talking about an ex officio investigation into the crime of incitement to commit crimes • The obscenities against journalists and the strong reactions.

The mayor of the city appears to be under the microscope of the Volos prosecutor’s office after the abusive delirium and obscenities who spoke against journalists. According to local media, the public prosecutor’s office reportedly ordered a pretrial motion for incitement to commit crimes.

Achilleas Beos, in a press conference he gave on Monday, spoke of “journalistic trash”, “depraved dung” and “unwashed filth”, naming the city’s journalists and urging citizens to spit on them and throw yogurts and eggs at them.

As it conveys the magnesianews journalists Katerina Tassopoulou and Dimitris Kareklidis, who were targeted by the mayor, are preparing to file a lawsuit against Achilleas Beu, while his delirium brought strong reaction from journalistic associations.

With their joint statement, POESY and the Associations of Editors (ESIEA, ESIEMTH, ESIEPIN, ESPIT) express their support to the Association of Editors of Daily Newspapers of Thessaly, Central Greece and Evia (ESIETHStEE) and at the same time request the intervention of the judicial authorities.

The attack on journalists from 14:50 in the video:

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