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On Sunday, October 29, the 7th Sunday of Luke, our Reverend Pastor officiated at the Holy Cathedral of Agios Titus Heraklion, where he held the memorial service of the late Georgios Pakiufakis.

In his sermon to the pious congregation, he referred to the two miracles of the evangelical passage performed by Christ in Capernaum. In the healing of the bleeding woman and in the resurrection of the daughter of the Chief Synagogue Jairus. “Christ, characteristically said our Shepherd, he comes as the Physician of souls and bodies, as the Lord of life and death, to soothe with his love, to heal us all from the physical and spiritual death that sin causes. However, this healing requires that we have strong Faith, so that we do not succumb to difficulties and trials, and do not deny the healing presence of Christ in our lives… The bleeding woman and the High Synagogue, added the Reverend, they are models of pious people who, despite difficulties and sorrows, had their hope in God unchanged. It was this hope of Faith that acted miraculously in their lives…”

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