Tetra Pak: 40 years of activity in Greece

Tetra Pak: 40 years of activity in Greece
Tetra Pak: 40 years of activity in Greece

Tetra Pak Hellas aims to expand its activities related to food processing alongside their packaging. The company already counts 40 years of activity in the Greek market and in 2022 its turnover reached 49 million euros, increased compared to the previous financial year.

For 2023, the company expects equally satisfactory growth rates of its sizes and to this it is expected to contribute beyond the main activity in the field of Tetra Pak packaging, where it holds a leading share, and the undertaking of food processing projects by providing the appropriate equipment and the required services to large food companies that are customers of Tetra Pak.

In particular, until now the undertaking of such projects by Tetra Pak amounted to 5-6 million euros, significantly boosting the company’s turnover. According to V. Tsanos, Key Account Director and Sales Office Manager of Tetra Pak in Greece, the company’s commitment for 40 years remains the promise to protect all that is good, from food, to people and the planet, contributing to industry growth, food safety and sustainable development.

How is this achieved, though? In the form of investments in the food service sector, it develops innovative packaging and food processing solutions, meeting the needs of its customers and leading the evolution. To this day, Tetra Pak paper packaging, thanks to its aseptic technology, protects food with a short shelf life and facilitates access to it, even in the most remote parts of the world. They also help reduce food waste by protecting sensitive food from moisture, heat and the potential growth of microorganisms that may be harmful to health.

Circular economy and recycling

The company’s strategy has four pillars and focuses on sustainable development, quality, innovation, business integration. In this context, Tetra Pak works in this direction, designing packaging that is recycled. At the same time, it uses renewable materials, such as paper at a rate of approximately 70%, reduces the use of plastic and aluminum and plastic waste, with solutions such as non-detachable lids. it has Bonsucro certification for the use of responsibly sourced sugar cane, as well as Carbon Trust™ certification for its low carbon footprint.

At the local level, Tetra Pak develops strategic partnerships to strengthen collection and recycling, with entities such as the Hellenic Recycling Utilization Company and the LM Eco recycling plant in Karditsa, which gives new life to paper packaging, turning it into new products.

It also integrates into its plan investments to strengthen the recycling process and the recycling infrastructure of paper packaging. In 2022 alone, it invested €30 million worldwide to improve the collection and recycling of its packaging, while it will invest approximately €100 million over the next 5-10 years to further enhance the environmental performance of its entire paper packaging portfolio.

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