He was “training” this hound with electric shocks and considered it perfectly normal


Anger in Corfu over the horrific abuse. The hound suffered at the hands of his master, from the electric shock that was daily…

He wanted to make the hound obey his commands, but he did not turn to a trainer. He gave the unfortunate animal an electric shock and even admitted it. The owner reportedly stated that this is a common procedure. At some point, the complaints in Corfu started to follow each other and even there was an intervention of the prosecutor. Today the animal is far from the home it suffered from. In the hands of animal lovers who love him and make sure he finds a suitable home to continue his life.

After the intervention of the First Instance Prosecutor and the movements of animal lovers in Corfu, a hunting dog was saved, as her owner was training her with electric shocks! The abuse of the animal occurred in a village on the island at the end of last September.

As Stami Tzora says in her post on Facebook: “We named her Lila because just hearing her previous name made her tremble like a fish and lower her little head. It’s another hound, one of those who “love them like their children” and which we excessive people unfairly blame.

So much was the love that the dog received that electric shocks were given to her body to make her comply, which her tormentor owner and local jerk hunter considered perfectly normal.

The little one is now safe and we will try in every way to ease the wounds of her psyche by looking for this best family. We are very grateful to the Corfu First Instance Prosecutor’s Office, our lawyer and, of course, the eyewitness who did not remain silent.”

See below what the hound looks like today in the corfutvnews.gr photo…

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