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Why ELAS banned the gatherings


3,500 policemen will be on foot today Wednesday in Attica for fear of incidents, as part of the planned gatherings for the 10th anniversary of the murder of the two members of Golden Dawn, Giorgos Fundoulis and Manolis Kapelonis, in Neo Heraklion.

The number of police officers who will be in charge of the security measures is reminiscent of EL.AS mobilizations. for the anniversary of November 17. It is indicative that already yesterday there are MAT squads from the province in Athens that will assist in operational planning.

At the same time, the Greek security services remain in contact with the services of European countries, as the information that members of fascist organizations from abroad will travel to our country has been confirmed.
Police sources tell iEidiseis that “there was information about the arrival of extreme individuals from various countries who maintain contacts with Greek National Socialists. Italy was the only country that officially answered us that about 10-20 Italians are going to travel to Greece to participate in the rally” and finally 21 far-right Italians were arrested in the evening in El. Venizelos.

In fact, by decision of the General Police Director of Attica, gatherings have been banned for Wednesday, however, there is widespread concern that the ban will not be “heeded”. This is also the reason why thousands of policemen were “recruited”, such as OPKE groups, men from the DIAS group, dozens of MAT squads and plainclothes police officers who serve in services such as State Security and Anti-Terrorism. As far as the information about the presence of foreigners in our country is concerned, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is also dealing with the issue.

Arrests and arrests

The goal of the staff of EL.AS. is to implement the Gadarch’s decision to ban gatherings. According to information, people who attempt to take part in the gatherings will be brought in and for this reason there will be EL.AS vans available. The police forces will be lined up in various places, as EL.AS. estimates that the gatherings may be “shifted” at the last minute by the organizers.
Police sources explain that it is the first anniversary – since the double crime that took place 10 years ago – that the climate is so “electric”, while at the same time it is clear that extreme groups are trying to set a scene of tension.

Typical are posts that have come under the “perception” of the Authorities from accounts on social media with clear neo-Nazi and Hundist content, calling for a gathering on the afternoon of November 1 at the place where the monument to the two murdered Golden Dawn members is located.

In fact, for two weeks there has been a “pan-European call” in this area, which worries the Greek authorities for fear of neo-Nazis coming to our country from abroad.

At the same time, there is a call in Neo Heraklion for an anti-fascist rally with the slogan “fascists out of our neighborhoods”.

The climate has been electrified for some time now, as on October 20 hooded men vandalized the monument of Foundoulis and Capelonis in Neo Heraklion, using an ax to remove the marble plaques and their photographs.

On Saturday, a neo-Nazi group threw flyers at a place where an anti-fascist concert was held in Neo Heraklion. The flyers read: “Nationalist call for honor and memory for the 10 years since the parastatal murders of our fellow fighters.”

These people left and the concert followed. On the same day, incidents broke out in Neo Heraklion between anti-fascists and police forces. During them, a 16-year-old girl was injured. KEERFA reported that police officers hit the minor, while the Police responded that the hit did not come from the OPKE men who were at the scene.

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