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This is the president of DI.PE.THE. Kozanis – Congratulations, Mr. Maloutas

This is the president of DI.PE.THE. Kozanis – Congratulations, Mr. Maloutas
This is the president of DI.PE.THE. Kozanis – Congratulations, Mr. Maloutas

The amendment to the Kallipateira budget was voted down by the Board of Directors of DI.PE.THE. after the report of Proinos Logos about the decision of the president Nikos Kefalos to take 7,440 gross from the original proposal for unpaid writing of the project. What was of particular interest was, on the one hand, the attitude of the members of the Board of Directors. after what is written, but the explanations of Nikos Kefalos. As he said, “September 27, the budget of Kallipateira was unanimously approved without remuneration for the author. It was done for two reasons. The first was accounting. My pay would increase my income and there would be a shift in my tax bracket. And I said not to be paid”. Listen-listen!! He had, as he said, a discussion with the Society of Playwrights and they explained to him that this creates a bad precedent in the market. 70% are reservations”.

At last, let these people leave the art field who tarnish the artistic firmament with their personal visions, even slowly. It is a shame even now that the Board of Directors, exposed after the reports, has changed course, that he continues to arrogantly consider how much money he will get a personal matter. We are of little interest in the permutation of the gentleman’s tax scale. Also where does it follow that no one can rate their pay? Not even the members of the Board of Directors. which for so many years, like docile organs, applauded by majority any of his proposals. This is the president of DI.PE.THE. without respect and respect. The one who gave dozens of occasions and the Maluta municipal authority stubbornly kept him. The one who, with too much audacity, once again prepares a budget with a hole of 50,000 euros. Enjoy him.

Ioanna Papadimitriou

The article is in Greek


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