Separate poems of bitter optimism in the new book by Nikolaos Spanakis


It was presented on Saturday at the “PAPAGIANNI” bookstore

Mr. Nikolaos Spanakis attempts to highlight thoughts and feelings about life, people, human relationships with his special poetry collection “Buried in the Land of Dreams” (Ostria publications), which was found on Saturday afternoon at the Papagianni bookstore where the present.

Mr. Spanakis spoke to “Dialogue” and said characteristically that “Everything in my poems has to do with various events that created words and images in my mind. I’m talking about disappointment, loss, betrayal, first love, death. They leave a message of bittersweet optimism and it is typical that in many presentations people came at the end with teary eyes telling me that they found in my poems thoughts that they had inside but never expressed, which gave me strength to continue. The main character is me and I present things that I have experienced and how I perceive them, how I would like e.g. a new society with respect and love for all living things, for nature, for the civilian population, things that have been lost nowadays and I try with anger, sadness, frustration to express them away from the barriers that have been put up by religion, politics and society as they have now shaped it. I don’t want what I write to sweeten what we are suffering but to have the essence of helping us get out of this situation by fundamentally changing ourselves.”

The presentation started and ended with musical creations of the poet as well as artists of the FYC Records family.


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