Patras: Action by the E.R.DY.P association against drugs

Patras: Action by the E.R.DY.P association against drugs
Patras: Action by the E.R.DY.P association against drugs

19 Sep 2023 01:06

Where will it take place?

The E.R.DY.P Association, noticing the large and ever-growing social problem of drugs, decided to act dynamically and requested from the Ministry of Digital Governance a Special Call Sign with the aim of preventing our young people from the scourge of drugs and promoting it Amateur radio as a countermeasure. The ministry responded immediately and issued us the Special Call Sign J43ND (No Drugs).

Drugs are all around us and unfortunately many of our people, especially young people, get addicted to them and end up on a path of no return.

For this reason, a large R/E team was formed from several cities in Greece and we started broadcasts throughout the month of September ¨turning¨ the frequencies against drugs and we broadcast through the shortwaves the E.D.K J43ND so that the message No Drugs reaches even the most remote area of ​​the world. To date, more than 13000 contacts have been made with all over the world with very positive comments on our action due to the fact that it is the first time that action has been taken on this issue.

Also, on the last three Saturdays of the month, in cooperation with the local agencies, we will place shortwave (HF) stations in central squares in order to show our young people at the local level that, like sports, radio amateurism is an occupation that they can choose not to fall into the trap of drugs.

This action will take place at the following points and dates:

a) High Alonia Square, Saturday 23/9/23 from 18:30 to 22:00

b) Gerokostopoulou and Riga Feraiu, Saturday 30/9/23 from 18:30 to 22:00

We are waiting for you and we want you by our side in this battle because only together we can win this war.

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