Giannis Paliogiannis: I am here with appetite and energy to create a better Municipality


He is young and has a vision for Tripoli, which he loves. He wants to offer to our Municipality with all his powers and in these elections he participates for the first time, claiming the vote of his fellow citizens. The candidate municipal councilor with the “Tripoli – United Front” faction Giannis Paliogiannis he spoke to ArcadiaPortal about his candidacy, about his vision for the Municipality of Tripoli, about the need for young people to be involved in the commons with a desire to contribute to their country with all their energy.

Why with Yiannis Smyrniotis?

I know Mr. Smyrniotis on a personal level but also in the way he operates and governs since he was Mayor. I believe that with his course over the years he has proven that he has the ability, the will and the vision to lead this effort with absolute success. This, and in combination with the team he chose, which consists of all political areas, young and experienced people and people with a variety of activities, convinced me to take part in this effort led by Mr. Smyrniotis .

What is your vision for the Municipality of Tripoli?

My vision, or rather the motivation that made me work, is my will in the coming years for our city to finally be friendly to its residents and visitors. To invest in the education of young people and in an ecological city, to give development opportunities to professionals and individuals and above all, to put the citizens at the center, so as to make their daily lives easier. That’s the big bet.

In the field of sports, where I have been involved and active all these years, my vision is its further development in our Municipality, so that especially the young children can absorb the values ​​it teaches.

Finally, to attract major sporting events, which will boost traffic and dramatically increase the recognition of our city.

How important is it for young people to get involved in public life?

In this question I would not be absolute about the young people, certainly it is very important to involve young people but we need the knowledge and experience of the older ones.

Of course, we young people can give a different note to the way of administration of our Municipality, to be open to all ideas-suggestions from all factions. We can bring a new breath based on our studies, our experiences and the energy we will give to our city. To be honest, for so many years I see my peers judging without knowing, accusing without having the knowledge, so I think the most correct thing is to try to contribute as protagonists and not as spectators. I invite all young people to become “active” citizens and to dare to get involved in the commons of our city, to be active in order to make something beautiful happen in our Municipality.

As a gymnast and coach, what is your opinion about the sports facilities of the Municipality of Tripoli?

It is a piece that I love, I studied it and I deal with it like a professional. I think that as a city we are lucky to have a place that houses all the sports venues together, I don’t think many cities have that. I think we are at a good level in terms of facilities but it needs work, we need to modernize these facilities. I would like, and it is in the program of our combination, to create new tennis-basketball-volleyball and padel courts. One of our goals is the creation of an indoor track and field gym that the city needs because of the winter and not only, of course, I am sure that Mr. Smyrniotis has the knowledge-will and has the sensitivity to make this happen. Allow me to dwell a little more on the Swimming Pool, it is also my element as I work on this piece. I think it was a big mistake of the current Municipal Authority to keep the facility closed for so many years, as a city we lost a generation of citizens to learn safe swimming, maybe one of a generation of champions, ordinary citizens lost their sport and some others the healing properties it gives the water. The immediate priority is the operation of the swimming pool so that we can start sports clubs from scratch and exploit it as a city to attract large events and also to attract teams from outside our prefecture for preparation.

I would like to thank you for our interview and I would like to send the following message to my fellow citizens:

I’m here, I’m dealing with the commons of my city for the first time because I want to see my friends – my fellow citizens – the visitors walking with a smile in our Municipality, feeling good in our Municipality and speaking with the best words about the Municipality us, and we will be there trying to improve as much as we can with appetite, with energy, with good cooperation… United Forward.

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