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Ending the 13-year quagmire that followed his own administration in 2010 in the Municipality of Ioannito, Nikos Gondas asked that the people of Ioannito vote in the elections of October 8. The “Independent Municipal Vanguard” held the presentation event of its programmatic positions and candidates, in a large event in a central hotel of the city.

“We can pick up where we left off. There is no more time to waste… our city can and must become a champion” emphasized, among other things, the leader of the faction and candidate for Mayor, inviting the residents of Gianni to sign with him on October 8, a restart contract.

“No more experiments, promises and visions. Some promise… we commit. We have proven that we can make Ioannina the city we want and deserve… and we can do it again” he characteristically noted.

The speech

In front of a dense audience, of his candidates and not only, the former Mayor and head of the “Independent Municipal Vanguard” described his as the best quality ballot and did not ignore the fact that the Center-Right faction is coming down to Ioannina in two pieces. “Some friends ask me why so many ballots from the same place? I understand them completely” he said and giving the answer he emphasized: “this question must be answered by others and not by me”… considering that the almost 30-year history of the faction requires continuity.

Referring to his cooperation with the Mayor’s faction, Mr. Godas emphasized that “we supported the Municipal Authority without identifying ourselves. And that’s because the city was in danger of being ungoverned.”

The comparison of the current and previous ones, from 2010 onwards, with the Gonda municipal authorities of the 8 years 2002-2010, is the dilemma of the October 8 elections, the former Mayor pointed out. “Comparison of what happened when we ran the city and what happened from 2011 until now”.

Mr. Gonda’s reference to the goal of 100 climate neutral cities and the climate neutrality that our city seeks, within the pan-European program, was important. Climate neutrality is a unique opportunity that should not be lost, he said and mentioned in his criticism of the municipal authority that Kalamata has already prepared and presented a 700-page proposal for interventions amounting to 2 billion euros and we are sticking to our words…

Mr. Gondas then mentioned the projects of his own municipal authorities, talking about interventions of millions of euros, which did not cost the Municipality a single euro.

The faction’s program for the next five years develops on two main axes: support for people and business. “Our program includes projects and interventions from Dafnoula to Kosmira and Manoliasa, from Marmara to Bizani,” he said characteristically.

Then, in headlines, he referred to the programmatic positions of the “Independent Municipal Vanguard”, talking about the following: Cleanliness, Sidewalks, Road network, Smart lighting, Stray Animals, Improvement of Greenery, Equal Accessibility, KAPI – KIFI, Assistance to the needy, Strengthening of social structures, Vulnerable groups , Disabled people, Rural road construction, Energy upgrade, Presidential decree of Zagori, Local Urban Planning Plans, Consolidation of the city center, Building conditions, Creation of a Metropolitan Park, Outer ring, Hatzi Square, Traffic Study, Configuration of city entrances and exits, Regional parking lots, Consolidation of TWO – SYDLI, free WIFI – 5G, Playgrounds, separation of sports from the Spiritual Center, Zosimadon Stadium, creation of 1u Municipal Training Center, outdoor gyms, municipal sports facilities, nautical sports, Castle: highlighting its treasure, acropolis of Kastritsa, Cave, Utilization of legacies, Environmental protection of the lake, Port in Perama, Loggades, Anatoli, Amphithea and their connection, Waterway, etc.

The event ended with the presentation of the “Independent Municipal Vanguard” ballot.

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