Mamakos: The outgoing municipal authority is absent


“For the residents of Nea Smyrni, the ordeal of the catastrophic flood in the city of Larissa continues. Almost two weeks later, they are still struggling with the mud and damaged objects that are scattered everywhere in the neighborhoods of the district – and the outgoing municipal authority is “resoundingly” absent,” notes the candidate for mayor of Larissa, Thanasis Mamakos.

Mr. Mamakos was, once again, this morning in Nea Smyrni, where he had the opportunity to talk with the residents of the district about the issues they are still facing – they are struggling with the mud, the stagnant water in the flooded basements and the damaged items from their household are scattered on the streets, sidewalks and lots. The candidate mayor of Larissa was accompanied by the candidate councilors Christos Dalampyras and Lefteris Tsoumanis, as well as the candidate councilor D.K. 3rd Apartment, Antonis Kanellos.

“The residents of New Smyrna are really in despair. First they were at the mercy of the flood and now they are at the mercy of the outgoing municipal authority that has no plan, no organization to deal with the consequences and damage in the most neglected districts of the city. In our view, there are no second and third class citizens. We have a plan and proposals for the equal, balanced reconstruction of Larissa, for all our districts and villages that were affected by the natural disaster”, emphasizes the candidate for mayor of Larissa.

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