Big deal for Greece – Where will the new fuel cell production plant be built?

Big deal for Greece – Where will the new fuel cell production plant be built?
Big deal for Greece – Where will the new fuel cell production plant be built?

Advent Technologies and German giant BASF Environmental Catalyst have signed an agreement to create a complete supply chain for fuel cell components (with hydrogen) in Europe, which will be produced in Kozani.

The bilateral agreement stipulates that the new type HT-PEM fuel cells will be manufactured at factory which is designed by Advent in Kozani.

THE president and CEO her Advent Technologies Dr. Vassilis Grigoriou emphasized that: “This collaboration will allow its combination know-how her Advent in systems fuel cells with her expertise BASF in development catalysts and membranes, creating a strong synergy which will lead to new innovative solutions in fuel cell industry».


THE BASF since 20 years holds a leading position in membrane technology and MEA for fuel cells with an exchange membrane high temperature proton (HT-PEM), while the Advent is the largest manufacturer of fuel cell systems HT-PEM. Their cooperation is aimed at development new catalysts and fuel films.

“We are committed to creating a complete supply chain for green hydrogen technologiesincluding services precious metals, catalysts, parts and recycling. The extension of our long-term cooperation with Advent enables us to grow in purchase of HT-PEM fuel cells and contributes to its positioning Europe as a leading area for its industrial transformation hydrogen“, said Tim IngleSenior Vice President, BASF Environmental Catalyst and Metal Solutions.


Meanwhile the first big step from the Advent Technologies for its implementation investment of 780 million euros which was approved by EUit seems that it was done after the announcement of the company that it acquired a plot of land in Kozani, where they will be hosted facilities of the project Green HiPo.

According to the company, the final transfer certificate her property from Land Office of Kozani while one has already been created coordination and planning office in the citywhich combined with the recruitment of scientists, engineers and managers will serve as an operational hub for the implementation of the project in city ​​of Western Macedonia.

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