New Democracy: Opposing the relaxed vote

New Democracy: Opposing the relaxed vote
New Democracy: Opposing the relaxed vote

The executives of New Democracy do not want to lose a single vote in the next polls on June 25, as they seek to be confirmed the great victory their party scored last Sunday. That is why Piraeus appeals invitation card all its executives asking them not to be complacent as, as he says, nothing has been decided yet.

First of all, the order that has been given to all MPs of the ruling party is to appear “modestly and humbly” in their television appearances. “No arrogance, no bragging about the previous result” are the instructions given to MPs and officials. “We will not fight with anyone, we will continue to talk to the world about its problems” they note.

Mitsotakis’ associates believe that MPs and executives should not provoke voters with their behavior, as there is already a feeling that such a large percentage may scare the citizens who want the N.D. first party, but not with such a large percentage.

Despite the instructions given to government officials, his statements Adonis Georgiadis that N.D. can get 180 seats in the second elections, in order to define the articles that will be revised by the next Parliament, it made a negative impression on some blue executives. It is characteristic that the Nikos Dendias he distanced himself from this narrative, recommending… modesty and aiming to maintain a good percentage.

“Nothing has been decided”

If there is one fear for the June polls, it is none other than… good weather, who can drive voters to the beaches. That is why Mitsotakis will pose specific dilemmas in the next period in order to let the citizens understand that before the sea comes the ballot box.

Her story stability it is expected to remain central to the second election campaign of the ND, after it performed well in the first polls. At the same time they will insist that still nothing has been decided as, if the ruling party loses 2-3 percentage points and eventually there is a seven-party government, things will take a different turn.

That is, if the Win or the Freedom Sailing her of life Konstantopoulou or both parties manage to enter the Parliament, the margin of autonomy will range from 37.5% until 39%.

If again the percentage of N.D. remain in the next polls at 40.79%, with the new system of enhanced proportionality the party will win 170 seatsthat is, he will manage to create a strong self-reliance.

However, in order to face its eventuality relaxed vote or the trap of overconfidence, Mitsotakis is expected to emphasize in his speeches that the polls on the morning of June 25 will be empty, “they will not be full from the previous elections”. In other words, he will try to show that the next elections are not repeats but a new confrontation.

A dilemma for PASOK

To the executives of N.D. there is a dilemma about how to deal with it PASOKsince on the one hand they want to promote it in order to strengthen it against SYRIZA and on the other hand they are afraid that there is a possibility that it will take votes from them central space.

However, Piraeus’ aim at this particular moment is to deal another blow to SYRIZA in order to personally finish with Alexis Tsiprasas they consider that SYRIZA without Tsipras does not exist.

Mitsotakis will do anyway targeted tours throughout Greece, while he will visit the main streets and squares to talk to the citizens. At the same time, he will make many television and radio appearances interviews and constant communication of his message through social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter).

The president of N.D. will close this pre-election period as well Friday, June 23 and again in Thisio, as his colleagues considered it… sarcastic.

At the same time, the top executives of the party are expected to take action by plowing all of Greece. The information even says that many will be in northern Greece, where the N.D. to win the election, however his presence Kyriakos Velopoulos and the emergence of the Niki party are to some extent a problem for Piraeus.

The reason is that Niki is one breath away from entering the Parliament, while Kyriakos Velopoulos is fighting to increase his numbers.

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