The optimistic story of a blind woman and her dog

The optimistic story of a blind woman and her dog
The optimistic story of a blind woman and her dog

An experiential story, which “gives birth” to optimism for our society and the solidarity of people, the psychologist and President of the Board of Directors of the “Lara” Guide Dog School shared on her personal Facebook account, Ioanna – Maria Gertsouwho is blind.

She described in her post an unprecedented experience” who has not lived again in 18 years that she has a guide dog by her side.

Specifically, The Babu (her guide dog), vomited while on a trolley, with herself trying to clean him up. She was impressed by the fact that the passengers, not only did not react negatively, but rushed to help her, which touched her.

“And just like that, a vomit made me happy today. Happy, relieved because a few years ago, a bus driver had called the police to get me off the vehicle because I was accompanied by a guide dog.”she concludes in her post.

Ioanna – Maria Gertsou’s post in detail

“Today, coming home from work, I lived an unprecedented experience that in 18 years with a guide dog by my side I had never experienced before. Babu, suddenly vomited inside the trolley which was full of people. A little heat, a little stress… it’s not easy for him to be there for me…

We were sitting in the seats behind the driver. He knew on the floor, on my boots, on his leash, in my bag, in my jacket, in his ears and… the lady sitting diagonally across… I remained calm. I had with me many handkerchiefs, bags and above all experience… but the most important thing is that other people didn’t react either…

The trolley journey was off to a great start. The driver saw me at the stop, in the middle of Kifisias. He stopped the trolley right where we had to get on. Cried: “make a seat for the girl with the dog!”, at some point, a woman came in, saw Babu sleeping soundly and reacted. They told her it was a guide dog and she understood… a lady across the street was smiling. A young autistic man had driven me crazy with the questions: “and why the one dog, and how do you choose the dogs, and why the other dog…” at one point, the others told him: “the girl must have been dizzy…” but I didn’t mind because empathy transcends the diversity of… people and… dogs!

And then Babu dried up. I understood him, but I didn’t have time to do anything and things probably got worse, so I instinctively put my hands on… I was also wearing my good jacket.

Babu then lay down right where he was. He didn’t move, not even an inch… not to panic or disturb…

The autistic boy helped me clean up and clean the floor. He was saying: “you vomit, here, there, give me a tissue to clean up here…” and at one point he said: “do you mind if I leave because this is my stop?” Someone would be waiting for him to get home…

the lady across the street gave me a whole package of wipes, the other lady who had reacted by entering didn’t say anything.. the lady across the diagonal who got dirty, I asked her if she wants me to clean her and all she said was: “no my child..” the whole troll didn’t say anything.

I cleaned the floor, Babu, me, but my heart was calm. It was a vomit. Nothing less, nothing more. That’s how the trolley made me feel as it continued its journey normally…

I greeted the driver as he left. I apologized to him on Babu’s behalf, he yelled at me: “I didn’t have time to stroke it”. He recognized his work and the difficulties he faces. because he, the driver, is also a trolley driver and sympathizes with the guide dog for the blind…

And somehow, a vomit made me happy today. Happy, relieved because a few years ago, a bus driver had called the police to get me out of the vehicle because I was accompanied by a guide dog. But I was not and never have been, a terrorist while the guide dog for the blind is, was and still is, a dog…

Today, I realized once again – probably until I internalize it, that it does not matter the ugliness and obstacles around. If we want, we will find a way. If we are, others will be with us. Who share this ugliness, through their own meterizi, but have the strength to turn it into heat, into shine, into beauty…”.

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