The best newspaper from the students of Eleusis Primary School!

The best newspaper from the students of Eleusis Primary School!
The best newspaper from the students of Eleusis Primary School!

A very important and at the same time special distinction was achieved by the ST1 department, of the 2nd Primary School of Eleusis, Ioannina, winning one of the two awards for the best school newspaper.

The 7th International student competition, one of the most important of its kind, is under the auspices of the General Secretariat of Apodimo Hellenism and was co-organized by the Directorate of Primary Education of Serres, the Ministry of the Interior (Macedonia-Thrace) and the Department of Educational Radio, Television and Digital Media of the U .PAI.TH., with the support of the Chair of Pontic Studies of the University of Athens. and the Panhellenic Association of Pontian Teachers.

With an amazing design and organization of material, the students of the department created one of the best newspapers that have participated in the competition over the years, deservingly winning their prize. “Huge success for a small school like us. A great experience and knowledge for all our students, which in any case will be a valuable help in achieving their goals” said their teacher and program manager Mr. Vasilios Pavlou, while the Director of the school Mr. Costas Papagiannis, who supported from his position the effort, congratulated the children and always wished them success.

The students, in their multi-thematic creation, brought to light historical events of the Pontians, elements from their great persecution in Pontus, elements of their culture and daily life, sporting events of the last century and much more.

This excellent creation of theirs innovated and stood out from the offer of a DVD of diverse material, through which they highlighted even more, with the use of multimedia, the present and the past of Pontic Hellenism.

The competition was attended by 184 primary and secondary school units from all over the world, Greece and Cyprus, 850 teachers and over 11,000 students, who presented 1,200 student creations!!!!!!

The evaluation of the projects was done by a special committee of experts and specialists, such as Mrs. Sofia Papadimitriou, Head of the Department of Educational Radio Television and Digital Media Y.PAI.Th. , Mrs. Alkistis Poulopoulou, Department of Educational Radio and Television and Digital Media of the University of Athens. etc. The students will be awarded at a special event organized every year.

The Elementary School of Eleusis thanks the printing house AFOI KAMINA, for the offer of printing the students’ newspaper.

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