Lamia: Raid on a house – fortress and arrest of a couple for drug trafficking


The son of the family is wanted. What the police found and confiscated in three more houses. There had been over 30 arrests of “clients” in the previous period…

After an organized police operation that took place at noon on Thursday (25-05-2023) in the area of ​​southwest Lamia, a 56-year-old and a 51-year-old woman were identified by the Narcotics Prosecution Department of the Lamia Security Sub-Directorate and arrested as members of a criminal group that trafficked synthetic drugs (spicy).

The police investigation revealed the involvement of their 29-year-old son as a member of the criminal group who is currently evading arrest. As it turns out, the group was formed for the purpose of trafficking plant extracts of psychotropic plants, which they impregnated with the synthetic-chemical narcotic substances 5 Fluoro ADB & FUB AMB.

Of interest are the precautionary measures taken by the group, especially in the house where, according to the police, the trafficking – buying and selling of synthetic drugs took place, with chillers, trained dogs and high bars that discouraged uninvited visitors.

In total, the police searched four houses maintained by the members of the criminal group, where they were found and seized:

• 117 grams of plant extracts of psychotropic plants, impregnated with the aforementioned chemical-narcotic substances,

• precision electronic scale,

• the sums of 1,423 euros & 351 Romanian Lei,

• replica pistol with its magazine,

• 2 folding knives, survival knife & improvised axe,

• 4 mobile phones and

• a number of paper wrappers, suitable for the packaging of drugs.

In addition, two (2) vehicles were seized, namely I.X.E. car and two-wheeled motorcycle, which were used by the members of the group, as means of facilitating their illegal activity.

It is worth mentioning that in the previous period the police had arrested 35 people who are said to be “clients” of the Group and about 30 unbalanced improvised packages, containing the narcotics in question, have been confiscated!

The arrested persons, against whom a case file was filed for forming and participating in a criminal group (gang), as well as violations of drug (possession and trafficking) and weapons legislation, were brought to the Lamia Primary Prosecutor’s Office.

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