Kalloni Tinos in Pasta Party rhythms

Kalloni Tinos in Pasta Party rhythms
Kalloni Tinos in Pasta Party rhythms

Today, the village of Kalloni moves to the rhythms of a Pasta Party. The pasta party will be accompanied by live island music and the dance opens with the presentation of traditional dances from the Workshop of our “Spondi Tinion” Association.

start at 21.30

From 2014 until 2022 (except for the two years of the coronavirus) the pasta party was hosted in the villages of Steni, Agapi, Komi, Falatado, Kechro, Loutra and Kalloni. The Cultural Environmental Association of Kallonis Karkadou and its tireless Board of Directors did the honor to co-organize with the Trade and Professional Association of Tinos once again the pasta party of 2023.

Again with us in this venture is our friend chef and now from Tinia Alexandros Papandreou who with his creative inspiration and unique recipes will once again highlight the traditional products of Tinia to the friends of the event.

The pasta party is a unique opportunity for the athletes and their companions to get to know the villages, the gastronomy, the fun and the hospitality of Tinos and its inhabitants.

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