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N. Godas for Velissario: “The road is long and difficult until it is realized”


He recalled the painstaking effort that had been made during his tenure

During the meeting of the Municipal Council on Wednesday, the head of the Independent Municipal Vanguard faction, Nikos Gondas, submitted a proposal to honor the late president of PAS Giannina, George Christovasilis, and to give his name to a sports or other venue, giving the due honor for the great offer in our city combined with the unparalleled ethos he demonstrated during his many years of service.

Regarding the Belissario camp, he expressed his satisfaction with the Prime Minister’s recent announcement. He emphasized, however, that the road is long and difficult until it is realized, recalling the painstaking effort that had been made during his tenure and which resulted in the agreement to return the largest part of the camp, i.e. an area of ​​410 acres, with the catalytic help of Kostas Tasoula.

However, the maximalist concept of ceding the entire camp that followed, thwarted the 410-acre concession. Unfortunately, as he pointed out “when they give us a donkey we don’t look it in the teeth”… In short, mistakes are paid for and should not be repeated.

He also emphasized the need to update the traffic study, while finding new parking spaces, stressing that “after the parking of the Central Square and the Old Slaughterhouses – which was built during the days of our faction and offered 1,000 parking spaces in vital parts of the city – not a single new parking space was added.”

Finally, he asked for the reinforcement of at least two additional employees of the DEYAI funds for the convenience of our fellow citizens.

Questions by T. Kalogiannis

Tatiana Kalogianni, head of the Ioannina 2023 faction, raised a series of questions at the Municipal Council meeting.

One question was about the extension of the completion of works of the Great Ring of the city of Ioannina, but also about the establishment of a watercourse.

He also referred to the initiative of D.AN.ETAI., for the creation of regional parking lots.

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