Conviction for a courier who went to kill a businessman in Patras


What the defendant said in his plea The 30-year-old former employee of a courier company was sentenced to 7 years in prison by the Joint Jury Court of Zakynthos, who 2 years ago, after an argument with a businessman, in the Industrial Area of ​​Patras, drove him away with his car while reversing. resulting in seriously injuring him. According to, the businessman, with blows to his face and other parts of his body, was hospitalized for a long time, facing health problems and after his discharge from the hospital. At the trial, he testified that after the argument over a trivial matter, the defendant turned back, intending to kill him, since he moved with such intent against him. READ ALSO He beat his mother and left her semi-unconscious What the accused said in his apology The accused said in his apology – among other things – that he “got confused” and that, instead of 1st gear, he put it in reverse! He also said that he constantly called the victim to inquire about his health, which was denied by the prosecution witnesses. After the sentencing decision, he appealed and was released, after he was given a suspended sentence for attempted murder with intent and in fact serially, until the second-degree trial. The Court was not convinced, since a camera video shows all the movement of the car of him and how he reached the businessman and hit him… repeatedly. Options The 30 difficult days for SYRIZA until the polls: The new narrative and Tsipras bets Eva Kaili: What are the conditions for him to take off the wristband Inside Stories: The “green mile” of Alexis Tsipras, the new czar of the Economy and a story of bureaucratic madness Ioannis Sharmas: He is the most likely to be appointed caretaker prime minister


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