Patras: Unstable weather today

Patras: Unstable weather today
Patras: Unstable weather today

Unstable weather is predicted today, Friday 26/5, in Patras.

According to the forecast, it will be sunny until noon, but from midday the weather is expected to change and it will rain until the afternoon.

The temperature will reach 27 degrees, while the winds will blow at a speed of up to 3 Beaufort.

Humidity will exceed 90%.

In more detail, sparse clouds are expected which will gradually thicken from the morning and there will be local rains and storms, mainly in the continental, Ionian, Northern Aegean and Crete regions. In the midday and afternoon the phenomena in the mountains of the northern continents will be strong in places. Dust concentrations in the atmosphere will be relatively high.

The temperature in Western Macedonia will range from 12 to 23 degrees Celsius, in the rest of Macedonia and Thrace from 14 to 27, in Thessaly from 16 to 28, in Epirus from 13 to 28, in Sterea from 14 to 28, in the Peloponnese from 13 to 28, in the Ionian Islands from 15 to 25, in the Northern and Eastern Aegean Islands from 13 to 27, in the Cyclades from 14 to 25, in the Dodecanese from 15 to 26 and in Crete from 12 to 27 degrees Celsius.

Winds in the Aegean will blow from north directions 2 to 4 and locally up to 5 Beaufort. In the Ionian the winds will blow from north directions 2 to 4 Beaufort.

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