Komotini: Arrest of four members of a criminal organization that trafficked drugs

Komotini: Arrest of four members of a criminal organization that trafficked drugs
Komotini: Arrest of four members of a criminal organization that trafficked drugs

Four (4) national members of a criminal organization, who were active in drug trafficking in the wider area of ​​Thessaloniki, were arrested yesterday by police officers of the Kavala Security Department as part of an organized police operation. A criminal case was filed against the arrested for the offenses of criminal organization and drug trafficking.

More specifically, after appropriate use of information about drug trafficking by the perpetrators, the police officers carried out a coordinated operation.

During it, the police officers immobilized and arrested the two citizens, because they initially identified the perpetrator in an area of ​​Thessaloniki driving an I.X.E. car and at the meeting point with another I.X.E car driven by his second accomplice, he received two nylon packages with raw cannabis with a total weight of 1,062 grams which he hid in his vehicle, while in a subsequent search two additional nylon packages were found in the car with a small amount of cocaine.

As part of the operation, the police officers carried out searches in houses kept by the perpetrators as a place to grow raw cannabis and hide the drugs, and in the apartments of the other two perpetrators where they were located and arrested, an additional 14 nylon packages with raw cannabis, with a total weight of 1,636.4 grams, were found. , 7 nylon packages of cocaine, total weight 123.93 grams, 1 complete and functional system for growing cannabis plants indoors (consisting of a grow chamber with reflectors with incandescent lamps, transformers, ventilation system, fans, timers, dehumidifiers, folding drying net etc.), in which he cultivated 5 cannabis plants, and 2 precision electronic scales.

A total of 2 kilograms and 698.4 grams of raw cannabis, 125.51 grams of cocaine, 2 precision electronic scales, the two vehicles used by the perpetrators as means of transporting the drugs, the sum of 1,300 euros and mobile phones were seized.

Those arrested will be taken to the competent Prosecutor, while the Kavala Security Department is conducting the pre-investigation work.

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