Who wins and who loses in the wake of the Tempe tragedy

Who wins and who loses in the wake of the Tempe tragedy
Who wins and who loses in the wake of the Tempe tragedy

Poll X 4, with the same number of conclusions. The findings that came to light, in the wake of the Tempe tragedy, can be divided into three categories:

Two of them (MRB, Prorata) show the difference between ND and SYRIZA at the limits of the statistical error (2.9 and 2.5%), Marc and Pulse give the difference from 3.5-4.5% , and only one, Metron Analysis brings the difference to 5.8%.

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The latter is, in fact, the only measurement that shows SYRIZA losing 2 points – ND loses four – something from difficult to explain to paradoxical, while all the others record the main opposition party as stagnant, or slightly strengthened.

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The head of Metron Stratos Fanaras, in fact, commented … suggestively on the fact that the other companies do not register a drop in the percentage of SYRIZA.

The ND still maintains a large lead in the victory performance, although significantly reduced, while the “fitness” of the prime minister also registers losses and for the first time there is no almost chaotic difference in other measurements.

The polarization that had developed in the N.D-SYRIZA and Mitsotakis-Tsipras dipole, before the tragedy in Tempi, had brought the two parties to quite high polls, creating a solid bipartisan bloc with a percentage that exceeded (cumulative) 60% and scaling back even higher, society’s outrage over the train crash has turned the picture upside down.

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In other words, the drop in the percentages of the ND and the retention of the percentages of SYRIZA, “pulls” the bloc of bipartisanship to a smaller sum, closer to 50%. It is obvious that the anger of the citizens primarily concerns the government (which attributes the main responsibilities to it and controls it for any cover-up), but it also involves the entire system of power and governance, and therefore also SYRIZA, although, as he said Alexis Tsipras (Mega), governed only 4.5 of the 49 years of post-colonization, or of the last 23 years that the implementation of the remote control system in the railways has been delayed.

New poll: The tragedy in Tempi and the difference between ND and SYRIZA – Where do citizens blame

In fact, this graph should worry the political parties, as the respondents throw the “anathema” without exception.

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