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The Cretan sculptor Anna Athitaki – Giakoumaki opened her heart and her home to – How figures of the Minoan Culture come to “life” in her hands

What her characterizes is the passion in what he does, but above all the passion for art. For her, art is joy, life, love. The Heraklion sculptor Anais Anais – as she is more widely known – creates separate works with plaster and cement.

What makes them special her works is the fact that she creates them with a lot of love and passion as we mentioned above, while many figures that take “life”, through her hands are inspired by mythology and the Minoan Civilization.

H Anais eyes fanatical fan of all forms of art that help man become better and better understand himself, as she herself confesses in neakriti.Gr.

Born and raised in Heraklion, he worked as a freelancer in haute couture for a decade, while at the same time attending painting classes. She has been dealing with this art for about twenty years, while her works adorn several private collections.

He is a member of UNESCO and has participated in many exhibitions in our country and abroad, while he participates in group exhibitions and organizes individual exhibitions in selected venues.

The dominant element of her works is the human figure free of naturalistic elements, far from the realistic depiction of human forms. In her works she focuses on symbolic elements emphasizing the expressiveness of emotions and the mental world.

anais reveals herself on and at the same time talks about her future plans:

When and how did you decide to work systematically with art?

“I can say that I have been involved with art since I can remember myself. But for this particular art for about 20 years. I create my works with a specific technique that I invented and I don’t hide from you that I loved it very much. More specifically, in my sculptures, the materials I use are cement, resin and plaster. What makes them stand out is the movement and the all-powerful color, that’s why when you see them they have a lot to say to you”.

Have you participated in exhibitions in Greece and abroad, would you like to tell us which ones?

“I have participated in over 150 group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, in countries such as Italy, Milan and Rome (I am a member of the largest gallery in Rome, Mega gallery Budapest, Vienna, Paris, Germany, Austria). Now, next June, several of my works will travel to Austria, where I am preparing an exhibition there as well. In Greece, I have exhibited my works, in Heraklion at the “Astoria” hotel, at “Logos artna”, in Athens, I have also exhibited my works, in an individual exhibition at “Melina Merkouri. I am also very happy because many of my works adorn private collections, abroad and in Greece”.

Do you think an artist is born or made?

“If the artist is born or made, I will tell you that it takes two. The talent which is innate is “required”, however not only this is enough, but also a lot of work such as daily learning…”.

What is your relationship with God and how does it affect your artistic creations?

“My relationship with God is my deep faith, which gives the strength to create all these sculptures… because to each sculpture I give a piece of my soul. The soul is my driving force. One of my works, which is part of my collection, is the Crucified, a work that has shocked me”.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

“Most of my works are inspired by Mythology and the Minoan era… From Zeus, Minos, Hera, and Pasiphae, Talos, to the Minotaur and Telchinia.”

What are your future plans?

“Thank you for your question. I am taking this opportunity through our interview, so I would like to inform you that one of my dreams will become flesh and bones and this is none other than the establishment of a museum space, which will house my works. In particular, I would like to tell you that we are one step before the establishment of this space, which will be called “Telchinia”, the first name of Crete, the island of artists, as it was called. This museum will be held in my village, where I was born and raised, in my ancestral home, in Petrokefalo, Heraklion. It is a 200 square meter space with all the specifications of a modern museum. First, I believe God will be ready to receive his first visitors in a few months.”

The neakriti.Gr I wish you success in all you do!

The article is in Greek

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