SYRIZA: Michalis Hairetakis withdrew his candidacy

SYRIZA: Michalis Hairetakis withdrew his candidacy
SYRIZA: Michalis Hairetakis withdrew his candidacy

Michalis Hairetakis announced the withdrawal of his candidacy.

A few hours after Pavlos Polakis’ letter of apology to Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA, Michalis Hairetakis, the man for whom a crisis broke out between them, announced his decision not to stand as a candidate with the official opposition party in the upcoming elections.

The announcement of Michalis Hairetakis comes shortly before the start of the meeting of the Political Secretariat of SYRIZA. A decision that, as he notes, he wants to contribute to “calmness and harmony” for the high stakes of SYRIZA’s victory in the elections.

The announcement of Manolis Hairetakis

Declaration of withdrawal of my candidacy.

“After the accident in Tempe and the tragic death of so many innocent young souls and the violent suppression of peaceful demonstrations to assert the just demands of citizens in a democratic and developed country, the flagrant violation of the right to a state of law, meritocracy and equal opportunities , where those who plunder the sweat, pains and sacrifices of the Greek people without the justice they deserve, makes the need for this government to go more urgent than ever.

In this fight there is no need for petty politics, egos, positions, chairs and mechanisms.

With these thoughts and not coming from party pipes or political fireplaces, but from the soul of society and gaining with effort, ethics and dignity the respect of the local and not only society.

I withdraw my candidacy, which had the unanimous approval of the political secretariat to support a real fighter. To facilitate those who think they will gain from my non-candidacy. To help as much as I can in calmness and unity for the great stake which is the victory of SYRIZA”, notes Michalis Hairetakis in his post.

The crisis between SYRIZA and Polaki for Hairtakis

It was shortly after the announcement of the SYRIZA ballots that Pavlos Polakis had expressed his anger at the absence of the name of his friend Michalis Hairetakis. He had even threatened to withdraw from the SYRIZA ballots “until the ‘mistake’ is corrected”. In other words, that of Michalis Hairetakis should also be included in the names.

With a leak from Koumoundourou, an answer was given to Pavlos Polakis regarding the collective decisions on the SYRIZA ballots.

“The decisions on the SYRIZA PS ballots are collective. And the final decision on their training rests with the party organs,” he said.

With Pavlos Polakis threatening to withdraw from the SYRIZA ballots, they noted that “participation in the ballots is voluntary for all executives, MPs and candidate MPs, without terms and conditions”.

After the folding of Pavlos Polakis, the two sides had considered that the crisis that had arisen on the occasion of Michalis Hairetakis had ended.

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