What do the data show about electric cars in Greece?

More and more drivers are taking advantage of the “Move Electric” program to subsidize the purchase of an electric car, according to data from the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

The number of drivers using the program is gradually increasingI move electrically“, for the subsidy for the purchase of an electric car, as can be seen from its data Ministry of Environment and Energy which were forwarded to the Parliament, as part of the parliamentary control. As it became known, the total number of electric cars circulating in Greece, until the end of November 2022, amounts to 17,801.

With the first round of action “I move electrically“, whose last application deadline was 31 December 2021, the applications submitted were approx. 19,000 (9% concern cars, 22% two-wheelers-tricycles, 69% bicycles), of which by the end of November approximately 15,000 had been approved and 8,000 had been paid. The total budget committed to approved applications so far is 18.5 million euros.

The second cycle of action “I move electrically» began on July 28, 2022 and has retroactive effect for expenditures made from December 1, 2021. With the aim of increasing the penetration of electric vehicles, the second cycle gives higher rates and subsidy amounts for electric vehicles to natural and legal persons, who will buy or rent electric vehicles, compared to the first cycle and an additional bonus for young people aged 18-29. At the same time, the subsidies for smart home chargers, for the disabled and those with many children remain.

The statistics of the second cycle at the end of November 2022 are as follows:

  • Applications submitted: 10,500 approximatelyof which 28% concern cars, 37% bicycles and 35% double-tricycle.
  • Applications that have been included in admission decisions: 1,700 about.
  • Claims Paid: 300 about.

Prasina taxi

The second cycle of the action does not include taxis, for which the action is in the final phase of preparation “Green Taxis”, which is funded by resources 40 million euros from Recovery and Resilience Fund (THE A). The action aims to replace approx 2,000 of old and polluting taxis with new, purely electric vehicles with mandatory withdrawal and destruction of the old vehicle.

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