Amazing guesthouses in the mountains of Peloponnese

The general rule says that the closer to Athens, the tighter (Zireia, we’re looking at you) however, the hostels in the mountains of the Peloponnese always tempt us for a winter excursion. Whether you’ll drive a few extra hours, and/or skip work on Friday to get a better price and explore places you haven’t seen, we leave it up to you. We have gathered for you some of the nicest guest houses in the mountains, in the wild mountains of the Peloponnese, near and far for you to choose from.

Prices are calculated for the first weekend of February (4-5/2). If you have the possibility to leave on weekdays, you will find them lower.

The Arachovite Kalyvia in the Karyes of Taygetos are stone houses with built-in beds and wooden ceilings, each with its own independent courtyard, enjoying a spectacular view of the green landscape around it. Their prices do not exceed €72 for two people with an amazing breakfast.

In Kastania of Corinthia, the Kastania Guesthouse of the same name is one of the most low budget accommodation options in Ziria. Its rooms have wooden floors, wrought iron beds and warm colours, while all enjoy panoramic views of the fir-covered slopes of Ziria. The double costs €85 with breakfast.

In the beautiful Tsintzina of Parnonas, the Prytaneio is one of the most famous guesthouses in the Peloponnese, and not without reason. Its rooms are beautiful, with stone and wood dominating the space, and large windows ensuring unlimited views of nature raging around them. Prices for a double room with breakfast start from €110.

In the largely unexplored, yet beautiful, Chrysovitsi, perched at an altitude of 1,080 meters on the slopes of Mainalos, the eponymous Chrysovitsi Guesthouse has rustic, traditional rooms with balconies overlooking the surrounding fir forests. Their prices start from €65 for a double room.

In Piana of Arcadia, Papanikola Guesthouse is one of the most popular in Mainalos, and this is no coincidence. Atmospheric rooms with details inspired by local tradition and views that reach to Mount Parnon and Taygetus, combined with a fantastic, traditional breakfast make it an irresistible choice. Prices for a double room start from €90 with the aforementioned breakfast.

In the village of Raftis in Arcadia, half an hour outside of Dimitsana, Dimitra’s Resorts offers charming rooms with fireplaces and large balconies that enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Their prices do not exceed €100 with a fantastic, handmade breakfast.

In Pikoulianika of Taygetos, very close to Mystras, the beautiful Mazaraki Guest House has rooms taken from a fairy tale illustration, each with its own, separate living room with a fireplace and a balcony suspended above the verdant slopes of Taygetos. Their prices range from €120 for a double room with an amazing breakfast.

Just outside of Kalavryta, Orias Guesthouse & Farm is nestled in a green farm and offers uniquely decorated rooms and suites with fireplaces and balconies overlooking the snow-capped peaks of Helmos. Their prices range from €130 for a double room with a breakfast you will remember for a long time.
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