Victor Vernicos: Who is the 16-year-old candidate for Greece in Eurovision 2023

THE Victor Vernicos is among the seven candidates to represent our country in its song contest Eurovision 2023 in Liverpool in May.

He is the youngest candidate, with the forecasts ranking him among the favorites for the “anointing” of representing Greece.

Just 16 years old, Victor Vernicos, one of the artists suggested by Panic Records for this year’s singing competition, he has an innate talent for music, which he has been involved in since he was 4 years old, learning musical instruments and taking vocal lessons while he has stood out with his first YouTube videos.

With time counting down to the selection of the artist to represent Greece, Victor Vernicos is revealed in TLIFE and he confesses that the song he enters the competition with, ‘What They Say’, hides a surprise that makes it unique in his heart.

Only 16 years old, you are the youngest candidate artist and one of the proposals of Panik Records to represent our country in the Eurovision 2023 contest – How did your participation come about and how is this process for you?

From a very young age I loved Eurovision and especially the songs released from Eurovision. The first song I sang live was ‘Heroes’ by Måns Zelmerlöw when I was 8 years old! But it all started with the song ‘What They Say’. It’s a song I wrote when I was 14 and I haven’t stopped loving it!

I always wanted to find the right way to release it and just before last year’s Eurovision I thought “what better than to represent my country with my favorite song on such a stage?”. The process is very creative and I am glad to have Panik Records and their experienced team by my side – we are all giving and will give our best!

“What they say” – Tell us a few words about the song you have prepared for the competition…

‘What They Say’ is a song that from the moment I wrote it became the favorite of me and my team, and my friends, even my family! I produced and wrote it myself, it’s emotional but also has an energy… a surprise that makes it unique in my heart.

Is there a personal story behind you? Where does the inspiration for your songs come from?

All the songs I write come from my feelings, they are full of honesty and authenticity. Music is a way of expression and I just try to express myself and what I think and feel in the purest way possible.

Do you remember the moment you decided to take up singing? Did you have a mentor by your side?

I always had this dream to be involved in music! I always remember singing or playing the piano and one of my biggest dreams is to be involved in music! But I think I took it seriously with a professional mindset when I was 11-12 when I started writing my own songs and doing my own productions.

Listening to your songs on YouTube, one can easily understand that you like softer music and ballads – Have you decided on the type of song you will go with or would you make the big change with more pop-rock songs?

I love all kinds of music and I am a very versatile artist. My father raised me on Blues, Jazz, Soul, Funk, and I always liked Rock and Hip Hop as opposed to the music I make today! I believe that it is good for every artist to respect and be grateful for every kind of music and to express himself in whatever way he can!

In recent years, more and more singers choose to continue their career abroad – Eurovision was perhaps a “passport” for you? Would you leave Greece?

Wherever there is an audience for music, I will be present, starting with Greece and, of course, Eurovision if I receive the anointing for representation. I definitely want to have a career abroad, my dream is for my music to reach and connect with as many people as possible. Of course, through technology, streaming and all digital platforms, the music of any artist can reach every corner of the world.

Are your parents supportive I imagine throughout this music journey? What advice do they give you, especially now with the Eurovision contest?

My parents are very supportive and I appreciate them very much. One piece of advice I’m often given is to… rest (laughs)! I’m a bit of a workaholic and I pour all my energy into what I do!

What is Eurovision for you, through the eyes of a young – ambitious artist?

Eurovision is a huge celebration of music, an event where many cultures, many genres of music and many artists from different countries meet. The songs unite, not only the participants, but also the millions of people who are either in the arena or watching the competition on television. For a music lover like me it is the most exciting event of the year.

The article is in Greek

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