Patras: The Slovak fraudster with the dog was arrested

In the hands of the Police is now the fraudster who has committed numerous frauds against businessmen in Patras, Attica and other regions of the country by “stealing” the hotels where she is staying, in which she introduces herself as the British wife of a high-ranking executive of a large organization.

Of course, although she only spoke English to her victims, she has no connection to Britain, nor is her name Mia or Esme as she claimed. Maria Geleticova, as her name is, is originally from Slovakia and has reportedly been on their wanted lists since September 2, 2021, although it is unclear what she is accused of. And this will be clarified in the context of the investigation being conducted into its action.

The impressive fraudster, who seems to also practice the profession of escort for interested people with a “fat” wallet with whom she made “pink” dates probably via the Internet, was arrested in a hotel in Corinth. According to the “Peloponnisos” newspaper, a taxi driver who took her from Nafpaktos allegedly led to her discovery and assured him that he would electronically deposit the price for the race into his bank account, which he did not do, as usual. The driver reported her to the Nafpaktos Security, whose men arrested the beautiful Slovak at the hotel where she was staying, thus saving its owner from yet another “fezzi”.

In fact, information indicates that three other frauds committed by him in Nafpaktos have already been discovered, which were added to the two frauds that have been confirmed in Patras. At least two other similar cases are under the microscope of the authorities, as two hotel owners in Attica and on a nearby island who contacted, complained that the beautiful English-speaking foreigner with the black dog left without paying for accommodation and meals her. But it is considered certain that there are other victims and that, as Maria Geleticova’s actions become known, the number of complaints will increase.

The action of the beautiful woman who walks around with a black dog in her arms was first revealed in Patras, where she stayed for four days in the suite of a well-known hotel and “beat” her without paying! During her stay, she placed a telephone order at a mini market for two paysafe cards worth 150 euros, cigarettes, drinks and food, totaling 193 euros and told the delivery person who took them to her room that she did not have cash and would pay by bank transfer card. When he returned with the POS, he found the card was blank and the beauty claimed her husband would come through to pay.

The employee took the cards back, but when he returned to the store he found that their codes had been used as the woman had copied them. The owner of the mini market looked for her the next day at the hotel, but found that she had disappeared without paying.

The announcement of EL.AS:

Yesterday evening, a foreign woman was arrested by police officers of the Corinth Security Department, against whom a case was filed for committing fraud.

At the same time, a European arrest warrant for the Slovak authorities was pending against the arrested woman, for fraud cases.

In particular, on 4/12/2022 late at night, the defendant contacted a radio taxi by phone, to transport her on 5/12/2022 in the early hours of the morning, from Nafpaktos to Corinth, for a fee of 200 euros.

Arriving at her destination, the defendant, under the pretext that she was unable to pay the monetary consideration in cash or by card, sent a virtual document to the mobile phone of the driver’s son, convincing him that the amount of (250) euros had been transferred.

As part of a complaint by the victim to the Nafpaktia Police Department and in cooperation with the police officers of the Corinth Security Department, the foreigner was located by the police the day before yesterday in Corinth and arrested.

From the preliminary investigation carried out by the officers of the Nafpaktia Police Department, it emerged that the foreigner had committed three more cases of fraud in hotels and mini markets as follows:

From 30/11/2022 until 5/12/2022, in Nafpaktos, the defendant stayed in a hotel and under the pretense that her partner will pay and subsequently pre-arranged payment of the money via e-banking, she sent a virtual document via email that the sum of six hundred (600) euros has been transferred to the hotel account.

From 11-26-2022 to 11-30-2022, in Patras, the accused defrauded hotel employees in the same manner, to whom she sent fictitious and false receipts and did not pay the price for her overnight stays and additional hotel services , which had been provided to her.

On 01-12-2022 in Patras, the defendant ordered products worth 150 euros from a mini-market in Patras, which she received, deceiving the shop managers and without paying the relevant price.

From a dactyloscopic examination of the arrested woman, it emerged that she has been in trouble with the authorities in the past, declaring different identity details, while the restrictive conditions of the bail of 10,000 euros, the appearance at the Police Department of her place of residence and the ban on leaving the country were pending against her , for repeated fraud cases.

In addition, a European arrest warrant was pending against the arrested woman for fraud cases, which she had committed in Slovakia.

The arrested woman was taken to the First Instance Prosecutor of Messolonghi and is being held in order to be taken to the Appeals Prosecutor of Western Central Greece, for the execution of the European arrest warrant».

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