Account freezing of 47 people for fraud of a well-known Greek company in…

Account freezing of 47 people for fraud of a well-known Greek company in…
Account freezing of 47 people for fraud of a well-known Greek company in…

By Panagiotis Stathis

In the hands of the Greek prosecutors appointed by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office in Greece, for days now, has been the conclusion of the Authority for money laundering, under the former deputy prosecutor of the Supreme Court, Char. Vourliotis, who detected traces of deception of the European Union by executives of a well-known Greek technology company.

The specific company, with a high turnover, is alleged, according to the Authority’s conclusion, to have created with the “carousel” method a grid of satellite companies in order to succeed in grabbing large amounts of VAT refunds. The damage, according to the Authority’s assessment for Xeplyma, exceeds 20 million euros and is even directed against the European Union, as these transactions also concerned “imports-exports”.

47 commitments

Already, in fact, the Authority has issued provisions with which the accounts of a total of 47 people were frozen, including the heads of the company (executives and high-ranking employees) as well as many persons who acted as “frontmen” (in the opinion of the Authority) in satellite companies.

The method according to the finding was as follows: The company created satellite companies and presented virtual transactions with them with virtual invoices and virtual imports, exports. In this way they allegedly collected large sums of money from illegal tax evasion and collection of subsidies with fake turnovers. But mainly from illegal VAT refunds, with a loss of more than 20 million. euros to concern the EU as many transactions took place in the European area.


The described – basic – crime of money laundering, traces of which the authority detects, is fraud against the interests of the European Union (to the extent of a felony), for this reason the conclusion was submitted to the Greek agents of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office who will carry out the criminal investigation to determine whether or not the offense has been committed in relation to its full characterization.

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