“The Mayor of Patreon suffered a serious seizure during the Prime Minister’s visit”

“The Mayor of Patreon suffered a serious seizure during the Prime Minister’s visit”
“The Mayor of Patreon suffered a serious seizure during the Prime Minister’s visit”

In its announcement, the Patras United faction states: The development perspective of Patras is closely related to the choices of both the central administration and the Municipal Authority, which assumes the role of connecting the state and citizens.

Sustainable development is based on the one hand on the welfare state that aims at social cohesion and on the other hand on economic recovery through the “green” transition, major projects, digital reform and reduction of bureaucracy, industry, research and innovation, interconnection with the University, of tourism and the promotion of cultural heritage and religious tradition.

In order to achieve all of this, European and state financial tools and the attraction of investors from the private sector are required. Let us also consider that the partnership of the public and private sectors is a solution that has been embraced by all three major parties in power in the recent past.

We must be honest, those of us who speak to the citizens. Patrinos have the instinct and sense of who adopts and who truly believes in this development model. By no means is party identity helpful or necessary in first-tier local government, but ideology has a place in how one perceives the path to economic prosperity and improving the quality of life for citizens.

The people of Patras will have to decide whether they will remain hostage to the Marxist ideology of the 6% (respected, but not accepted) or whether they will give the mandate to the municipal faction “Patra Enomeni” which supports all of the above.

After all, the Municipal Authority constantly proves its obsessive ideology and its party commitments. The Mayor of Patreon suffered a serious mishap during the visit of the Prime Minister and the multi-member government staff to our city. He shone by his absence, showing disrespect and indifference, not only to the main body of political power, but essentially to all his fellow citizens. It is obvious that he is not interested in institutional dialogue, but only in theater-like marches and protests.

We will promote honesty, willingness to offer, extroversion, cooperation with every healthy initiative, consensus and we will prove, with modesty and honest dialogue, that we will have the acceptance and support of society itself for the Patras of 2030.

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