The 31-year-old who was murdered with her child is a successful photographer

The 31-year-old who was murdered with her child is a successful photographer
The 31-year-old who was murdered with her child is a successful photographer

In the village of Lekani in Kavala, which ten years ago was the subject of her thesis, immediately after her studies in branding and graphic design at the German university HAWK Hildesheim, the premature end of her life and that of her only child was to be written .

Anna Dimitriadis Kruse’s love for Lekani was not at all accidental, as apart from the fact that she derived part of her family ancestry from the village of 350 inhabitants, she spent a considerable period of time and part of her student life there.

According to her website, the 31-year-old graphic designer and photographer created from scratch a book dedicated to “Lekani”, where residents of the village were photographed for its 164 pages and spoke about their lives exclusively in it.

In her biographical note, she specifically refers to the reasons that led her to the small village of Kavala, from which she left and returned again permanently:In order to expand my CV even further, I completed my studies in branding and graphic design at HAWK Hildesheim. For my thesis I spent part of my life in a small Greek mountain village. I went in search of my roots for a picture book dedicated to the Basin and ended up falling in love with this village (and the goat herders). So I saved some money after college and moved to the village of Lekani. From here I work independently as a brand designer and photographer».

It is the time when Anna Dimitriadis Kruse will meet the 54-year-old, fall in love with him and live an unprecedented experience with him. That’s why even when she got pregnant she decided to stay in this relationship until the problems and pressures started, resulting in today’s tragic conclusion that she and her child were murdered by his hands.

In her book about the Basin published in German, she states:Lekani is a village of 350 inhabitants in northern Greece. Surrounded by 1100m high mountains and away from tourism, here you will find a special world. Research and photography allowed me to discover the humble but happy life of the inhabitants without knowing their language. If you open them, they share the magic that this village carries».

Since 2003, the 31-year-old has had a passion for design and the web and as she mentions at the age of 12 she had created her own editing program:

To be more precise, I created my first website with Photoshop and a word processor when I was 12 years old. After graduating high school, I interned at a black and white photography studio in New York. I think if you want to achieve something new, you should always step out of your comfort zone and face a new challenge».

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