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Evros: Who is organizing the new wave of refugees – The “Caravan of Light” and the 8 “Krupp Brothers” – Newsbomb – News

Evros: Who is organizing the new wave of refugees – The “Caravan of Light” and the 8 “Krupp Brothers” – Newsbomb – News
Evros: Who is organizing the new wave of refugees – The “Caravan of Light” and the 8 “Krupp Brothers” – Newsbomb – News

Evros: The group of eight Turkish traffickers behind the “Caravan of Light” has been active since 2015 and is said to have strong connections to Ankara

The people who have been inspired and organize the so-called “Caravan of Light“, which has caused a new alarm in the Evros Border Guard Authorities, as it threatens our country with a repeat of the events of March 2020.

This is stated in a report by the “Real News” of Sunday, in which it is also noted that it is a group as a whole 8 Turkish traffickerswhich have been active since at least the period of 2015, when approximately 1 million refugees and migrants had crossed the Greek land and sea borders.

According to information from Sunday’s “Real News”, this group of traffickers plays a leading role in the management of migration flows to Greece in recent years.

Maintaining strong connections with the Turkish Authorities, the people behind the “Caravan of Light” are said to help free the streams when it serves the Ankara policybut also to stop them every time the Turkish government wants to show that it cooperates with the countries of the West.

In fact, information indicates that the leaders of this ring have their own name. The eight members of the group of traffickers call themselves “Krupp Brothers“, a name that refers to a well-known and historical business family of Germany.

Digital fingerprints

It should be noted that the finding regarding the organization of the new ring of illegal immigration to Greece by the self-proclaimed “Krupp Brothers” comes from the monitoring of digital footprints left by the 8 Turkish traffickers and their associates.

The involvement

Investigating the multiple groups that have been created in the last two weeks, mainly on Telegram app, under the name “The Caravan of Light”, the competent Greek services consider the involvement of the specific 8 persons to be certain. As they have done in other cases in the past, so also now, they post announcements to which they attribute ideological characteristics to migratory movements. Of course, each time in the digital groups they appear with a different identity.

In the case of the new attempt at mass movement towards the Greek-Turkish border, they present themselves as Syrian rebels. It is estimated that in the next few days Evros will begin to be seen the first strong signs of the new attempt of the Turkish traffickers. From mid-August until today, the Greek authorities have blocked the entry of thousands of immigrants into our country. But the information coming from the open and closed Telegram groups puts them Principles to an even bigger one vigilance.

The Greek side expresses the belief that the migrants will not be able to cross the Evros. However this time the migratory pressure may be increased for a very long time, even until next spring.

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