Evening party for the next day of tourism

Evening party for the next day of tourism
Evening party for the next day of tourism

An evening entitled “The Next Day of Tourism in Crete” is co-organised by the Labor Center of Heraklion, the Association of Hotel Employees and the Union of Hotels of Heraklion, as part of the celebration of World Tourism Day.

The event will take place next Tuesday, September 27 at 6:00 PM in the Soukatzidis Hall of EKI.

The purpose of the evening is to highlight the problems of the sector at all levels of tourism and to submit proposals for their solution.

Tourism for the whole country and especially for Crete is one of the pillars of development and support of the local economy and dealing with the difficulties that appear for the proper operation of the sector is a matter for all of us.

EKHI extends an open invitation to local bodies, to workers in the sector, but also to the whole society to participate in this important event for the future of tourism.

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