While the citizens are moaning, Haris Theocharis is dancing rock n’ roll with the “investors”!

While the citizens are moaning, Haris Theocharis is dancing rock n’ roll with the “investors”!
While the citizens are moaning, Haris Theocharis is dancing rock n’ roll with the “investors”!

At the time when the citizens are led to the “report” and K. Mitsotakis puts us in a “war” with Russia, Haris Theoharis threw it in the dance!

Haris Theocharis: Another shocking case of how the government has turned into “playground” of poweron the backs of a kneeling people, is the video that has caused an uproar on social media, and it shows the former minister and parliamentarian of the ND, Haris Theoharis, doing happy dancing… figures, at a Lamda Development event.

At the same time as Kyriakos Mitsotakis he declared on a Bloomberg show that he was waging… a war against RussiaMr. Theoharis in the “crazy joy” became an integral part of the happy atmosphere of the “investors”, who seem to be the only ones who have every reason to celebratewhile the citizens are immersed in the vortex of insecurity.

According to information, the remaining three “partners” rocking to the rhythms of… Rock and Roll along with the MP, are architects who work with Lamda.

As you might expect, the published snap has sparked outrage among netizens, with a large volume of negative comments criticizing the MP’s attitude. While Greeks are being asked by the government to make sacrifices, reduce electricity consumption in their homes and voluntarily thaw out “for the good of the country”, government MPs are dancing wildly in celebration of gold-bearing business with the oligarchs.

One wonders what kind of “war” the prime minister perceives, since in the last days we see scenes of “infinite beauty”, when with Notis Mitarakis to play the cop in a serialsometimes with Kyriakos Mitsotakis on radio shows to talk about barbecueand when with Haris Theoharis dancing “twist” at a Lamda event.

The citizens they are called to “adapt” in order not to dieand members of the government dance happily over the wreckage of public property, since the “fillet” of Hellinikon is devoured as an object of dosage among people of the “elite”. And that’s because the “investors” were set free by the government to make profit-making orgies, and so Lamda cut up part of the area of ​​Hellinikon and sells “plots with a view” to anyone interestedwhile for the supposed “urban regeneration” that the government promised before the elections, absolutely nothing has been done!

The energy crisis may be plunging hundreds of thousands of households into darkness and cold, we may even reach electricity with a ratio, but it seems that some will continue to dance happily, in their own private universe. An example of the chaotic distance that separates the government from the citizens, but also of the unprecedented decline of the dominant political system, which no longer respects even pretenses.

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