Sputnik Florina Festival: “On a rollover trajectory”

The SPOTNIK Festival of Florina: On a turning point: “Rewriting our lives with notes” will be held in the New Park of the Municipality of Florina, today, Friday, September 23 at 19:30.

After the successful festivals in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras, which left their mark on the cultural life of the country, our satellite is preparing to launch for the first time in Florina!

Sputnik, as a cultural umbrella, started its operation in 2016, with the aim of highlighting a different cultural model, based on the principle of solidarity and emphasizing the importance of collective life and action. The magazine, with its regular and thematic issues, has reached every corner of the country, in universities and schools, in squares and meeting points of young people. At the same time, he has managed to attract thousands of people through his web pages and social media.

Through the organization of the Festival, we seek to bring to the fore the culture, art and creativity of young people, approaching them from the point of view of the Radical Left.

At the Sputnik Festival of Florina, the public university and the new generation will have a special place. In the main event, which will start at 19:30, we will discuss the market university and the dismantling of public education, the resistance of the new generation and our democratic response.

Nasos Iliopoulos, press representative of SYRIZA-PS, Peti Perka Member of Parliament of Florina and Thanasis Pantsios member of K.S. will try to touch on these issues through their positions. and youth secretary of SYRIZA Thessaloniki.

At 21:00 the music program of the Festival will begin with Mpelafon and Thelitiko, who participate in the hip-hop group Pindos Atletico and Banda Entopica who will take us on a journey to Balkan rhythms.

The entrance is free, while at the same time there will be exhibitions, stands and a bookstore in the festival area. A financial aid bar will operate in the area.

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