It was carried out by P.D.M. – P.E. Kastorias, informative day, regarding the establishment of a group of producers

On Thursday, September 22, a day was held at Melissotopos, organized by the Directorate of Agricultural Economy of the P.E. Kastoria.

The day was about informing the producers of agricultural products, the Local Communities of Stavropotamos, Melissotopos and Vassiliada, the Municipality of Kastoria, regarding the formation of groups of producers and the advantages it brings, both in minimizing production costs and in reducing the corresponding taxation , as well as the possibility that this gives, in their financing, from various financial tools.

At the conference, the Director of Agricultural Economy & Veterinary Medicine and the Department Head of the Plant Production Department of the Regional Unit of Kastoria made presentations, in the presence of the Deputy Regional Governor of Kastoria Despina Kozatsani and Them. Deputy Governor Thomas Manou, while queries were resolved and clarifications were given to the queries of the attendees.

Corresponding information days will continue in other local communities for the best possible information of all interested citizens of the P.E. Kastoria.

The article is in Greek


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