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Thessaloniki: Tribute to the National Martyrs Nikos Kapetanidis and Evagoras Pallikaridis

Thessaloniki: Tribute to the National Martyrs Nikos Kapetanidis and Evagoras Pallikaridis
Thessaloniki: Tribute to the National Martyrs Nikos Kapetanidis and Evagoras Pallikaridis

Tribute to National witnesses of Near Hellenism, Nikos Kapetanidis and Evagora Pallikaridisthey attacked the Thessaloniki Concert Hallthe members of the Action Society “Nikos Kapetanidis“, in collaboration with the Cypriot Home of Northern Greece, the Association of Editors of Daily Newspapers of Macedonia – Thrace and the Symphony of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, in an event entitled “The Resurrection on the Gallows”.

“I will follow my destiny with courage… I regret nothing… let me lose everything… It is a good thing to die for Greece”…

This is how Evagoras Pallikaridis said goodbye to the world just before the English decided to hang him at the age of 19… As for the swan song of self-sacrifice and levity that Trantellina’s Nikos Kapetanidis shouted addressing his executioners, it was “Long live Greece”.
The action and self-sacrifice of the two heroes for Freedom was praised by the keynote speaker of the event, former Foreign Minister of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulidis, who said: “They sacrificed everything they had, their very lives, for freedom and love for the homeland, they had the same tragic end and they lived in two different eras in two distant regions, the Pontus and Cyprus, death by hanging, because they chose to stay true to their values ​​and national ideals…”.

It was like tomorrow, September 21, 1921, when Nikos Kapetanidis was executed by the youths, at the age of 32, during the… “cleansing” of the Greek element of Pontos.

He was an advocate of the freedom of Pontus and its union with Greece. He publicly expressed his opinion boldly, at a time when Turkish nationalism was on the rise, defying threats from the authoritarian regime that tried in vain to ban him from speaking.

The Resurrection of Aghon symbolizes the eternal struggle of Hellenism but also, as we experienced in 74, unfortunately, the betrayal within the walls…

Cyprus, Mr. Christodoulidis mentioned, was itself a victim of Turkish expansionism and atrocities.

The ongoing illegal military occupation of more than a third of the Republic of Cyprus, the missing persons whose fate has not yet been clarified, the violation of basic freedoms and fundamental rights of all Cypriots, the illegal Turkish settlement, the trapped people who remained, despite adversity at home them, daily reminding the identity of Cyprus, its destruction.
In memory of Nikos Kapetanidis, in a world premiere, the orchestra of the Municipality of Thessaloniki presented the symphonic work of composer Haris Gatzoflias, with soloists, Christos Kaliontzidis, Dimitris Xenitopoulos, under the direction of Vladimir Symeonidis.


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