In Lamia, the new headquarters of the Region of Central Greece

In Lamia, the new headquarters of the Region of Central Greece
In Lamia, the new headquarters of the Region of Central Greece

The Region of Central Greece announces that the special legislative provision concerning the construction of the Region’s Administration Office at its headquarters, the city of Ghouls.

With the same provision, the process of building a new Lamia Courthouse by the co-competent Ministries is proceeding. It should be noted that the construction of a command post at the seat of the Region of Central Greece, Lamia, was a primary objective of the Regional Authority, which was served from the beginning of the mandate through processes implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance.

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The first decisive step was the exchange of real estate sections between the Ministry of Finance and the Region of Central Greece for the arrangement of the plots, where the Administration Building and the Court House will be erected.

A joint decision was issued by the competent body of the Ministry of Finance and the Regional Governor of Central Greece, Fanis Spanou, which constitutes the title for the transfer and registration of the properties in the competent mortgage office and land registry office, respectively.

The second decisive step is the passing of the provision, which had been submitted to the Plenary of the Parliament, in a draft law of the Ministry of Finance entitled: “Corporate governance of the Public Limited Companies and the other subsidiaries of the Hellenic Holdings and Property Company, management of public holdings in anonymous companies and arrangements for the Hellenic Holdings and Property Company, assessment of the solvency and creditworthiness of natural and legal persons vis-à-vis the State and establishment of an Independent Credit Assessment Authority, establishment and operation of a Central Credit Register, Supplementary State Budget for the financial year 2022 and other provisions of competence Ministry of Finance”.

With the approval of the legislative provision, the land use is modified – by way of derogation from any other general or special provision – by giving the plots of land where the District Headquarters and the Lamia Courthouse are to be built, land use: “ADMINISTRATION”, while they are defined and will the following building and landscaping conditions apply:

a. Maximum coverage: 50% of the surface.

b. Maximum building factor: 0.8.

c. Bulk factor: 4.40.

d. Minimum distances of buildings from the boundaries of the field: 7.50 meters.

e. Maximum permitted height of buildings: 17.50 meters measured from the surrounding natural or constructed terrain.

g. Defined green: 7.50 m.

On the occasion of the positive development, the Regional Governor of Central Greece, Fanis Spanos, said: “One day before the historic restart of the Panhellenic Exhibition of Lamia, another decisive step was taken for the construction of the Administrative Office of the Central Greece Region at its headquarters, the city of Lamia. A top goal, for which we have been working methodically since the first day of our term. »

Initially, we shaped the neighboring plots of land for the construction of the Administration and Courthouse in the former Tsaltakis camp, so that they would have appropriate contours and boundaries. A painstaking technical process followed, in order to settle the issues of land uses, building conditions and zoning. Today, with the support again of the Minister of Finance, Christos Staikouras, to whom I am deeply grateful, this effort was successfully completed, after the Greek Parliament passed the provision by which all these elements are definitively determined. »

Soon, with the completion of the studies, and as we are already working to secure funding for the project, we will be back with more positive news. Our final goal, the Region of Central Greece, to get its… home.

A modern Headquarters, at its headquarters in Lamia, which will solve operational issues of our services and will be, not only a strong development pole, but above all the emblematic symbol of the institution of the Region of Central Greece”.

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