A true love story that Twitter will remember forever

A true love story that Twitter will remember forever
A true love story that Twitter will remember forever

The view that social media is a hostile field of expression of hatred behind the cloak of anonymity, every year such a day finds a “wall” in a pure and at the same time shocking story which inspires admiration for the greatness of the soul and the power of love.

Today, ten years later, the desire of the Apostlewho was defeated by cancer on September 23, 2012 after a long, arduous road of hard fighting, it is still an “order” for many. Since early morning, the hashtag “ tolislovedmaria ” resurfaced, as it does every year, faithfully and vigorously on Twitter, to remind us of the love story that, despite the passage of time, has not faded in the least, in our hearts and memories.

Apostolis, died at the age of 30. He didn’t manage to beat cancer, but he did manage to imprint one in our minds indelible messagewhich to this day is a model as well as a symbol of his mental strength and his emotional world.

Known on Twitter as @moloch82he used to regularly share his thoughts, his pain, but mostly the his feelings for Mariathe girl he met as a small child, to become a couple at the age of 18 and to accompany him until the last day of his daily battle.

He interacted on Twitter, expressing and exchanging opinions on various issues with acquaintances and strangers, which he also developed through his personal blog, which had begun to become popular by the time it shocked the Panhellenic world.

In one of his last posts he had written:

“Of course I think about death. Typically at least the odds of survival in my race are significantly against me. But in moments of philosophy I realize this: we are strange beings dear. My death will come – probably – either in my sleep or in some coma , or with some interruption, in the context of cancer.

There are hopes that I will escape from eating sooner. But after my death for me black. A deep unconscious sleep. Then nothing. No worry, no thoughts, no pain, no fear, no love, no love, no laughter, no crying. Nothing. Then what are we afraid of?

What do we care about the after if we won’t be there to perceive it? I conclude that we just love some people more than ourselves. I’m more afraid now of what will become of others, some more than others. For the pain I’ll cause them, that I won’t be able to do anything to take it back. We are not such selfish beings after all. There is of course the other side, extremely selfish. Why should life continue to “live” – ​​passively even if it does not exist – if I am not in the world.

What days, nights, smiles, moments with intertwined hands, games in the kitchen, indifferent fights, walks in summer Athens, movies, books, music I will miss.

Writing the above, I snorted at the last two lines. We are selfish after all. I want to stay here longer.”

His last wish was for this frequent “declaration” of love for Mary, which for Apostolis had become a way of life, to become a hashtag to spread his faithful and pure feelings. In a period where Twitter did not occupy the space and time it has today in our daily lives, Apostolis managed through his personal experience to touch users he had never met. Ten years later, social media still honors his memory, his story and a hashtag for a relationship that ended prematurely, but remains deeply etched in our thoughts.

Some of today’s tweets:

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