“The ComicCon 6”: “Descent”… playmobil in Vellideio

Landing… at “The Comic Con 6” playmobil, the favorite figures of young and old, are taking place. At the Comic Convention that started today, at the “Ioannis Vellidis” convention center, at Thessalonikihosts the impressive dioramas with playmobil, inspired by history, movies, fairy tales and of course the comics realized by Playmofriends.

Hundreds of small figures were carefully placed in the appropriate setting to represent the battle of Helm’s Deep from the movie “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” which was released 20 years ago, the US-Canada border in the early 19th century, the Medieval Village, Snow White in the castle, the Women of Pindos in 1940, the Indian Attack on the cowboys’ caravan and a scene from the comic book Captain Mark.

Tasos Pantazopoulos, one of the Playmofriends group, told APE-MPE that it takes “a lot of passion, a lot of time, effort, money, persistence and patience to make what you see”. Many times, the original playmobil figure needs to be “tampered with” (customized, as Playmofriends say), i.e. painted or enriched with accessories (eg weapons, helmets), printed by a 3D printer or made from resin molds .

Mr. Pantazopoulos emphasized that the realization of the diorama requires, depending on the size, from a few months to years.

Together with his son, Petros Damousis started working with playmobil, whose work is also hosted at “The Comic Con 6”. “While I’m of the playmobil generation, I didn’t have reservations from my childhood, I started at some point through my son as a hobby and eventually I got hooked, and my son got away. The new generations are more into electronics,” he said speaking to APE-MPE. He emphasized that working with the construction of dioramas offers him a way out of everyday life, but also many acquaintances with people who have the same interests.

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Playmofriends is a group of “big boys”, as Mr. Pantazopoulos from Thessaloniki said, that deals with the construction of dioramas and playmobil.

Together with their friends from Athens, they realized in Chalkidona, in Thessaloniki, the first playmobil exhibition in Greece. They participated in the 4th and 5th Comic Con, in the co-capital.

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“The Comic Con 6”, ends on Sunday and will host more than 200 Greek and foreign creators from the field of comics, cosplay, cinema, animation and gaming (video, board & card games), as well as workshops , masterclasses, panels, presentations.


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