UEFA Grassroots Development Week!

With a series of events from 23/09 to 2/10/2022, the Development Action Week 2022 will take place, which is common to all UEFA Member Associations.

PUBLICATION: September 23, 2022 | Talentabout.gr Team

Its events UEFA Grassroots Week will be held in five regions across the territory in collaboration with the Hellenic Football Federation and the respective Associations of Football Clubs (23/09 PES of Fokida, 24/09 PES of Grevena, 25/09 PES of Evrytania, 01-02/10 PES of Kefallinia – Ithaki, 02/10 PES of Kilkis).

The actions of the week Football Development are included in program “Hello Football Friend” implemented by Strategic Planning Directorate and Development and are an institution for development football. Boys and girls up to 14 years old, members of football academies, disabled people participate in this specific program capabilities, local social agencies and organized refugee structures.

His events program “Hello Football Friend” includes football tournaments, talks about the social dimension of football and teaching the secrets of the sport by experienced trainers Federation. The main objective of the events is to attract boys and girls to football, as well as people from vulnerable social groups.

It is worth mentioning that in previous years the participation in the “Hello Football Friend” program was emotional, as in 2019 10,000 children took part in it, while in 2021 the participation exceeded 15,000.

The actions Grassroots regarding its opening sport in society, beyond professional football and official national and international events, while at the same time expressing its support amateur football, which forms the basis for it professional. Her goal UEFA and of E.P.O. that implement it, is to give the opportunity to children – boys and girls, amateur footballers and footballers, people with special abilities and older people, to experience the joy of the most popular sport.

The program has been prepared in such a way as to highlight and promote the values ​​of football and through them to contribute, not only to the health and physical condition of the participants, but also to socialization and personal development. In other words, it focuses on the benefits that sport in general and football in particular can offer to those involved in it and promotes cooperation, solidarity and empathy.

THE UEFA has given the signal and Greek Football Association, assimilated and embraced the messages and gives due weight to the program Grassroots: opportunity to participate for everyone, regardless of gender, age, color, nationality, body type. Equal football, without any kind of discrimination, in a pleasant and quality environment.


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