The Greek island that enchanted a NYT reporter: “Turquoise waters and orange … surreal sunsets”

The Greek island that enchanted a NYT reporter: “Turquoise waters and orange … surreal sunsets”
The Greek island that enchanted a NYT reporter: “Turquoise waters and orange … surreal sunsets”

The penetration of Tinos in the American market is dynamic, constantly attracting the attention of professionals and journalists, with the recent visit of the “New York Times” reporter, Jason Horowitz, who recently traveled to the island with his family.

“Tinos – he wrote – is the third largest island of the Cyclades and has more than 60 villages. The waters are turquoise, the orange sunsets… surreal. Home of a miraculous church and countless sanctuaries, the Tinos is for the Greeks a destination as famous as the Mykonos. Tinos is a gastronomic paradise for Greek and foreign visitors who have been flooding the island in recent years.”


Sunset in Tinos / Photo: Shutterstock

Also impressed by the news, the journalist describes life with air and notes characteristics “I imagined myself like Icarus, floating above the island with plastic wings” and points out “that the natives, for many centuries, built houses in places protected from meltemias and pirates. The most modern constructions attract sunset lovers.”

The descriptions continue with the famous villages and landscapes of the island, with special reference to Virgin Mary Evangelistria, with which he closed the report, noting: Believers claim it has miraculous healing powers. Visitors to the island go kneeling from the harbor to the church.

Pyrgos Tinos, the largest and most special village of the island / Photo: Shutterstock


“I saw someone walk the red carpet up the marble steps of the church and stand up to weep in front of the sanctuary, next to a collection of flickering candles. I asked him if the wind has ever blown out the candles. And his answer was no. Like a miracle…”

The Municipality of Tinos has been systematically opening up this market for two years, which is offered both in terms of overnight stays and revenue, after the strengthening of direct flights from different American cities.

Kionia, Tinos / Photo: Shutterstock

Just recently, the mayor Yiannis Siotos was in San Francisco to participate in the annual world conference of the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), holding a series of meetings with tourism professionals, while last year the “Muse of the Aegean” was also present at the corresponding conference of the organization in Chicago.


According to the planning, other promotional actions are expected in the near future to further strengthen the destination in the American continent.

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