Chania: Uproar with an ad circulating on the internet

Chania: Uproar with an ad circulating on the internet
Chania: Uproar with an ad circulating on the internet

An ad is making the rounds on the internet which, if true, is a shame. According to the ad circulating on social media (however, its authenticity has not yet been confirmed), bunk beds are being rented in Chania for 230 euros per month.

“Bunk beds are rented by the month. The price includes PPC, water – both hot – and of course shared kitchen, Wi-fi, AC. The bed linen is changed once a week. Space for study… ideal for students, teachers, professors, seasonal workers in the city of Chania! » says the ad that was allegedly posted on a Facebook page, having already caused reactions.

The photos show a row of bunk beds, stacked next to each other, and the shared toilet.

The issue was reported by Radio Crete, following a report from a listener who sent the specific ad.

According to the website ekriti, the issue of shortage of houses for rent in Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno and other areas of Crete is now taking on explosive dimensions with social ramifications. There are currently very few properties available for students and teachers. The picture is similar for larger houses aimed at families. But even those that exist, have very high rents.

The short-term rental of real estate through airbnb and other platforms gave a free shot, in a market that was already limited, as the multi-year economic crisis “braked” building development.

The housing problem facing people – mainly students and substitute teachers – is very big, while at the same time the exploitation of prospective tenants who are eagerly looking for a house is highlighted once again. The case of an apartment was typical 60 sqm in Rethymno – in the Pervolia area – which was rented for 900 euros.

The rector of the University of Crete, Mr. Kontakis, had stated on Radio Crete when the issue of the exploitation of students and the lack of housing was raised that the owners should not see the students as a commodity.

The teachers abandon the appointment

At the same time, the problem of housing combined with the accuracy of fuel has led to the desperation of many substitute teachers, some of whom are forced to leave the positions to which they have been appointed, according to the trade unionists, while some, until finding home, they even sleep in their cars. The statements of Zacharias Rigakis, president of ELME Heraklion at the beginning of September, were typical. As he had said, there are no houses, the 70 euros a day for hotel accommodation is too much, as a result there are teachers who they sleep in the car and others, in the south of Heraklion prefecture, in the beach.

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