Work has begun on the Rossignol Bridge

Work has begun on the Rossignol Bridge
Work has begun on the Rossignol Bridge

Work has begun on the uneven junction of Dyrrachio (Rossiniol Bridge), as part of the seven-axis regional strategic plan for Kifissos, implemented by the Region of Attica to improve road safety and infrastructure.

The works concern the removal of the dangerousness of the bridge, the restoration of the rainwater conduit through which the waters of the bridge deck are drained and will be carried out with the project “Removing the dangers of the bridges of Kifisos Street” (Uneven junction of Durrakh and uneven junction of Pindos ) budget of 140,000 euros.


The interventions are carried out without disrupting the traffic flow in one of the most central points of the road network, where more than 120,000 drivers pass daily.

On the occasion of the continuation of the works, the regional governor Giorgos Patoulis pointed out: “The maintenance works on the central road arteries under the jurisdiction of the Attica Region significantly improve road safety and will continue without interruption.

In this context, we have put the road safety strategic plan on full track for the most central road artery in the basin. With key interventions, we are significantly enhancing road safety on Kifisos Avenue, on which maintenance work is already underway.”

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