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The interest of the people to be entertained and to enjoy tonight the concert that is taking place at this time in the upper square, with huge names of the culture of our country, is huge.

Corfu tonight once again became the Cultural Center of all Greece. It became a chorus and brought to life Mickey’s dream of unity, freedom and world peace.

The Region of the Ionian Islands – the municipality of Central Corfu and the Choral Union of Corfu, with the support of PEDIN, honor the one-year commemoration of the Archangel of Mercy Mickey Theodorakis with a grand and historic event: “All Corfu a Choir for Mickey, Greece and Peace” and present the conductor’s symphonic and choral work Pi.Barbati on the music and songs of Mikis Theodorakis.

Don’t cry for Romiosyni.. 200 years later” , which is the continuation of the historical marble of 2017 “All Greece for Mikis”, where Mikis moved everyone by conducting the Denial for the last time. For the first time in Corfu, 300 choristers from 9 choirs of the island, with the symphony orchestra and mandolin of Greece, united their souls and their voices to honor the great Greek, in a huge concert that takes place in the historic center of the city, in “Upper Square” for thousands of people..!!! And of course soloist this evening, the ambassador of culture, and voice of Greece and priestess of Miki, in the whole world, the great Maria Farandouri!!!

Accompanied by distinguished lyrical soloist artists: Anthony Corona tenor, and Short pants baritone.
The texts and poetry of the performance are signed by the distinguished poetess Clelia Harisi, and the directorial supervision by the famous Corfu director Petros Gallias. Narrator the important Corfu Nikos Anthis.

And of course the work is conducted by its originator and creator in this form, the distinguished conductor Panagis Barbatis.
The crowd has exhausted the available seats and stands tall and on the ground to enjoy this unique concert.

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